Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Easter...........

I wasn't gonna post anything this weekend, but leaving some fat bastard with his tongue sticking out up near the top of the page all weekend woulda been ugly.

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How's this ?????

So if the above cartoon offends you........sorry.

I could never figure out what the Easter Bunny had to do with Christ suffering on the cross anyways.......

What the hell do I know ? When I was a kid-I thought Christmas was Santa Claus's birthday.

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Stole this from fixedgear's blog.


SC said...

This is The Pope.

I am pissed.

Please call me asap.

Your soul is on the line.


-Me (Large Fella)

SC said...

I'm not offended in the least... even Jesus needed a good ball waxing from time to time.

-Me (Large Fella)

The Donut Guy said...

Ha, ha. I'm not Catholic,so the Pope can't touch >this<.

Shucks, anybody that *is* offended,....... well they need to get a thicker skin if they read my blog.

Anonymous said...

I think you chased away all the thin skinners long ago.

I must say, that is classy.

I went by a local Planned Parenthood on Friday, and an anti-abortion protest was going on. One guy had this big wooden cross he was carrying. I guess he was trying to look like JC bearing his own cross, but he just looked silly to me.