Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another vacation gone.....

I'm a homebody.

I like nothing better then to take a vacation and remove my brain for an entire week. Take a nap when I feel like it, have a bowl of ice cream for breakfast or stay up until 3 AM reading a book.

Last week, I did all of those things.....and I gotta say-I'm a pretty happy camper. Didn't get to ride any because of nagging chest cold, but hey...things coulda been worse.

I was in a discussion with someone on Facebook concerning the direction of the country. The dude is a devout Catholic and thinks Obama is pretty much Satan and George Bush was real close to the second coming of Christ.


I just Google Catholic priest and the first 10 news results are about kid touchers.

Kinda hard to have a serious argument with the guy after that.

I didn't vote for Obama...I'm a Libertarian and maybe I wasted my vote-but I voted for Bob Barr. I am fairly sure that the majority of the politicians in Washington have too many conflicts of interest and/or are just plain douchebags and crooks.

I got back to work last night and my faith in human stupidity has been renewed. A guy walks up to the bakery and says....."Are you making donuts?" while I am standing in front of a donut fryer that is full of donuts.

Maybe is wasn't a dumb question, but the guy asking weighed at least 350 pounds and was wearing a Dallas Cowboys half-tee. I bet his back hair looked like this guy.

Remember my time/intelligence corollary? The later it gets in the evening.....the intelligence of the person you're talking to in a supermarket goes down by a proportional amount. Except when my next door neighbor visits on his way home from work-he's pretty damn smart.

till later.

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