Monday, July 12, 2010

First ride....

Sometimes I really love working 3rd shift and some days I really hate it.......trying to time when I sleep and when I'm awake for a "day" critical to get the most out of my limited time off. I sorta screwed it up yesterday and I was up when I shoulda been sleeping.

Our daughter was home for the weekend and I think I saw her for about an hour when my parents came over for dinner Sunday and I was half-asleep most of the rest of the day.

On the bright side.....I got out for my first bike ride since my knee surgery in early June. Sure, I have a motor assisting me (or else I wouldn't be able to ride) but was great being outside and feeling the fresh air.

I'm glad I spent the money for a top of the line motor assist kit for my bike....I've been reading on several message boards about how the cheap Chinese moped kits blow up after a couple hundred miles. My motor was made by Mitsubishi and it runs flat out pretty much until it runs out of fuel.

Works for me.

till later.

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