Sunday, November 25, 2007

Burl Ives can bite me.....

Seriously, if I never hear Burl Ives sing "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" ever again.........that would be A-OK with me. Unfortunately, where I work they play Muzuk 24/7 and they offer up about 6 or 7 Christmas songs interspersed with the occasional Celine Dion song.

One of these nights.....I'm gonna go off.

It's probably gonna be on the guy that comes in at 3AM every damn night and asks if the Boston custard donuts are done. I've patiently explained that it's one of the last variety of donuts I finish and that they aren't usually done until 4:30 in the morning.

Doesn't stop him from asking every night...........

Here's how you know you were too fat.

Our son was playing a game on Xbox 360 called Call of Duty I can easily see how someone could get sucked into playing 360 non stop for days on end. Kinda like an old fashioned shoot'em up game only it's extremely life like and realistic. I was having fun just watching him.

For the most part, he's pretty good about not spending too much time playing stuff like that-he's limited during the week by his part time job and homework......

This is gonna hurt.

Till later.

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