Saturday, November 24, 2007

An electronic free for all..........

Our daughter is one smart shopper.

She stood in line at 3 AM Friday for a killer deal on a Sony Viao laptop. Excellent specs for 400 dollars. All it needs is a bump up to 2 gigs of RAM and she'll be good to go for several years. Out of all of us in the family, she uses a laptop computer like they are supposed to be used, it gets carried around a lot so I wasn't totally surprised that her old one crapped out after 3 years.

My wife found a good deal on an Xbox 360 for our son, 350 bucks for the mid level unit and it includes 2 games and Guitar Hero.

Of course since I'm writing about it on this's no secret that we gave it to him early.

Kinda hard not too since every one else in the family got their Christmas presents early.

Not much time for linkies today......... has some great can just feel the love.

Till later.

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