Monday, July 14, 2008

Been a few days.........

Been kinda busy stuff, work, etc....this is the first time for awhile that I've had a weekend off and as usual-I like to spend money.

Not sure what it is about going to Sam's Club, but I always manage to find stuff I didn't know I needed. Do I really need an entire case of diet peach papaya iced tea? Nope. Nor did I really need a set of knifes for work, but they were really nice I bought a set.

My wife and I took my pop down to Kain Park at sunrise to try out his new camera, I took some shots, but mine look like crap compared to his.

Image Hosted by

I'll share more of his stuff as he does it, he has a really good eye for framing his shots.

We ate at a really nice Thai restaurant Saturday evening. We had a whole bunch of different stuff and shared off each others plates. Not someplace I'd go every week (it was kinda expensive) but the food was good and a nice change of pace from what we usually have when we eat out.

After spending all of my overtime money on Saturday....we kicked it back for a nice mellow Sunday. Something about taking a nap in the middle of the day totally kicks ass.

Anyone out ther own an iPod Touch or an iPhone? I have an iPod touch and it became infinitely more useful (more free stuff) this week after Apple opened up their application store. You haven't lived until you play Texas Hold'em on a little 3 inch screen. Actually, it's kinda neat and as long as I'm near wi-fi, I can read the news, check the weather forecast and even look up local movie showtimes.

Latest fashion thing that I've seen that I don't understand.....people that wear sunglasses perched on top of their heads at all times of the day and night. If it's 3 you really need a pair of sunglasses?

Another one....young guys that wear their pants so loose they have to use one hand to hold them up at all times. I really must be an old geezer or something, but that really seems kinda dumb to me.

I wish I had one of these back when I was in high school.

If somebody buys me this, I'll put it in my front yard.

I like the way this little girl thinks.

till later

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