Saturday, May 02, 2009

9000 bucks........

If you add up my sick pay and all the doctor bills for the 3 weeks I was off for knee surgery....the total comes up close to 9000 bucks. Money out of my pocket...40 dollars for 2 office co-pays.

I've said it before, but my company has pretty damn good benefits.

Our daughter will be home for the summer in about a week....this will be the last summer she's off before she graduates in 2 years. Her P.A. program starts to get even more intense then it is already....I haven't talked to her for a couple weeks, but I'm betting she can hardly wait to dig in. Look up the word motivated in the dictionary and I'm pretty sure her picture is there.

Our son is counting the days until summer break, he's wishing he was turning 16 in May instead of August so he could go out and get a job.....he likes his leisure time just as much as anyone else, but the boy loves money even more.

Daniel and I are going to have a pig flu luncheon tomorrow afternoon.
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I think we're gonna make sausage, bacon, egg and cheese biscuits covered in pork gravy. We have several hours of yardwork to take care of we'll have an appetite worked up.

I think our grass is over a foot high in some places...all we need now is a rusty 77 Trans Am with the wheels removed and up on blocks in our front yard to complete the picture. I'd also like to get a small ridey ride in but we'll see how the knees feel after yardwork.....I am dying for a ride, but the grass needs cut first.

Chrysler shits the bed. Not good....I wonder how long it will be before GM follows them down the same path. I think back 10 years and wonder what the hell I was smoking when I decided to buy my minivan from Plymouth.

Till later.......

Don't text and drive like this formerly employer bus driver.

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