Monday, May 11, 2009

Computer diaster averted.........

The best feeling in the world is when one of your hard drives shits the bed and you realize that you have 2 backups of the dead hard drive. Remember kiddies, it ain't "if" your hard drive is gonna's "when".

Don't think I've ever been so far behind on yard work. I have the grass in the front yard cut and trimmed, but we have lots of flower beds to redo and quite a few bare spots where the grass is dug up from last years tree work.

The back yard?

I haven't touched it up to this point. The grass is over a foot long in places, maybe I can let it go back to it's native's kinda pretty.

Who doesn't like coupon? I'm putting this link in here because my lovely wife reads my blog and she saves us a a ton of money with coupons. I think I've mentioned before how she is the better half....yeah, without her- I'd be a lonely 49 year old living in a rusty travel trailer somewhere....

Spam hot dogs? Yuck. The best hot dogs ever? Hebrew National hands down.

I could do this.

till later.

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