Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lawn care ain't my specialty.....

With our weather forecast (rain for most of the next week) might not be able to see our house from the street by the time we get our lawn mowed. As I write this, it's a rainy afternoon (and the forecast is for rain all week) and I'm just chilling out watching some TV and browsing the web.

Currently, I'm watching a Discovery Channel show called Meth Nation. Holy crap, Meth is some seriously scary stuff. Now when I was a kid...I wasn't a choirboy all the time, but I never messed with stuff like meth. That's a truly scary drug.

Scary stuff? Howsabout this. Wow, I never realized there was that much sugar in some of those foods....especially ice cream. Yikes.

This guy likes watermelons.....a lot.

My son and I never had our festival of pork lovely wife made me a huge pot of chili. I'd probably eat chili for most every meal if it was available.

Gov Palin goes big bore. I'm all for gun rights....but damn, that's an ugly looking gun.

This article will piss a lot of Republicans off. Me? I'm think abortion is horrible, horrible thing but what someone else does with their body isn't mine or the governments business.

These parents (in my humble opinion) need to both go to jail or get sterilized.

Wow....just wow.....yes, people are that stupid.

Newt likes to hear himself talk....but then again, what politician doesn't?

If I had stupid money.....this would be in my garage. I'd probably just stare at it.

Fiat and Chrysler together....maybe all the other shitty car companies can join up with them and all go out of business at the same time.

This is a fun site to poke around in. Not really a fan of McDonald's, but it's cool how they take you behind the scenes in some of the videos.

Honestly, I gotta admire the guy for being so damn honest....if Ridge runs for the Senate-I'm voting for Tom.

I love me some Failblog....more fail here.

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