Thursday, June 11, 2009

Help a friend out.....

A good friend of mine needs some help finding a home for these 3 kittys....

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Here is some info from Jim.....

PLEASE try & help me find a home for these kittens!!!

The gray/white is male & other 2 are female all short hair.

I don't want to let them run wild here at the trailer park,, there's already enough wild/strays here!

Me & the momma have raised them since first born when momma first brought them into our trailer.

They are litter box trained & eat solid food.

They seem very healthy, very clean & they all sleep on my bed!!

They're going on 9 weeks now & ready to go.

If money is a problem, I will donate $50 per kitten for shots & fixing.

If you can't take one,,PLEASE ask around PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,, Jim 717-487-0133

I can tell you my buddy Jim has a heart the size of Alaska-if there was any way he could keep them-he would, but he already has several kitty's he has adopted.

Jim is located in Lewes Delaware and runs a charter fishing service-I'm sure he would be happy to send more pictures or talk about the cats-please give him a call if you are thinking about adopting a cat.

till later.

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