Sunday, June 07, 2009

One of those weeks.......

It's only happened one other time in the last 3 years...but last week I made more working on computers then I did making donuts.

Gosh, what do I do with all that money?

I've taken very little out of the business....95% of the proceeds go right back into the business buying new equipment, supplies, etc.

I borrowed some money from my parents and when I get that all payed back....I'll be buying another laptop to use as a loaner and a desktop PC to use as my main PC. I beat the hell out of my laptop and I've found out that they don't last much more then 3 I'm switching over to a desktop to save some money.

Spend money to save money...I love how that works out.

I do think I'm going to wait to buy something until Windows 7 has been released...tried the upgrade route with the beta version of 7 and it was a complete disaster. Rule #1 of computer stuff....if it's ain't broken, don't try to fix it.

One thing I don't like about being a part time computer consultant is driving around meeting with clients.....dear Lord I hate traffic. Maybe if the traffic all moved at 85 mph-then I'd be okay with it.

Don't get me wrong, I love helping senior citizens with computers and tech and I have all the patience in the world when I'm showing an 80 year old how to send pictures in an e mail....but put the same person in a car and put them on the highway....well, I suppose I gotta do a better job working on my patience behind the wheel.

For most of last week, I was surviving on 5 hours of sleep a day, last night, I slept 9 felt great to sleep in. Got up at 5 AM, got my lovely wife a paper and a cup of coffee and headed out to detail her car and cut the grass and then saw three clients.

Yeah, baby...ain't nothing like owning your own business. In between my full time job and my part time job...I put in close to 80 hours last week.

till later.

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