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Friday, December 30, 2005

Cats are fun..............

Our cat is still getting acclimated to her new house, just about everything startles her and then she makes a run for her bed located in our upstairs bathroom.
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I've never seen a cat that enjoys getting it belly rubbed before but this cat loves it.

She also has chosen her favorite human and it looks like our daughter has the honors. Belle will follow Katie around the house like a dog waiting to be petting and loved up. I think she's gonna have alot of fun as soon as she gets more comfortable with everything, she really is a cute little kitty:-)

I saw this article on HereNT's site, he lives in Minneapolis and the article is about winter biking. Check it out, it's a good read. Sometimes I wish there was a safer way for me to get to work on a bike, there's too many narrow twisty roads with non-existent shoulders and too many inattentive drivers for me to risk it at night.

I could be wearing all the reflective clothing made and be all pimped out on blinkies and lights but that ain't gonna do squat if someone in an SUV runs my ass over after running wide on a turn.

Check this out. Is that one smokin' computer or what?

Don't download MSN Messenger beta 8. Because there ain't one.

Our daughter is gonna want this. I know you read this kid, you want me to pull the trigger on the order?

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Sorry for bagging on Bush, but the cartoon was too good not to post.

You know you're a redneck............

The RIAA are slime.

I knew bananas were good for you but I didn't know all this.........

I'm with this guy. I don't watch a whole lot of TV or movies anyhow.

I seem to draw the weirdos in when I work the evening shift. Sure, more nutjobs are out and about at 2 in the morning but still...............

Last night I had a person dressed as a clown come up to the bakery and asked me where the condoms where. Whatever, I guess clowns need love too. It beats the girl dressed as a hippy that asked me if I had accepted Jesus as my personal saviour earlier in the evening.

Thanks for reading............

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