Saturday, June 07, 2008

Never on Sunday........

Never on SundayNight (day) off time.....I'm sitting here at about 5AM Sunday morning and after sweating my ass off for 8 ain't gonna pry my ass out of my air conditioned house today. I'm gonna goof off today and visit my parents. I should be accustomed to the heat but sometimes it really takes it out of you.

I think I'll be taking a ride at this time tomorrow while it's still relatively cool's light out by 5:30AM, so why not?

I'm playing around with some new blogging software, you notice different formatting and some different links and pictures.....not sure if I'll keep using it or not. Right now I'm checking out some of the different features-so bear with me for a couple of posts....

Ever wondered how big something is? This site takes the mystery out of it.

You're gonna spend way too much time on this site checking out dumb videos. There's a lot of good videos as well, but this one is my favorite so far.

If you're a

Today's science break.....well it's more of a medical break-but it's still way cool.

Think about this the next time you make a cellphone call.

If anyone reading this has access to eight cellphones.....I'd love to know if this is the real deal or not....that's some scary sh*t.

Nine meals away from anarchy. At least I'd get first shot at the good groceries.

We shoulda seen this coming.

You're gonna die.

Hillary finally gives it up. Hopefully her and Bill will go back to New York and stay there. Does Obama have a shot at winning in November? Beats the hell out of me, all I know is that he is a much better public speaker than McCain and that will serve him well in the upcoming months. McCain is bringing a dull knife to a gunfight.....seriously, there is no way anybody can tell me McCain has his shit together-if he wants to have a chance to win-he's gonna have to take his brain off of autopilot....the guy is a douchebag for deserting his first wife-ain't no way I can respect a guy like that. Let alone vote for him to be President.

Hey this......I wonder how long it took for him to think "oh shit"

What's wrong with this page?

This is excellent.\\till later

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