Thursday, April 09, 2009

Best, funniest nurse ever.....

This was my prep nurse yesterday.....

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She had a great sense of humor. My wife sat with me as I was getting prepped and as it turns out, they have some mutual friends. She was really funny and put me at ease throughout the whole prep...actually the whole staff at Apple Hill were super nice.

I was a little nervous about the whole thing, I guess it was reflected in my blood pressure, which is was 130/80 last week.....yesterday it was 150/100. Didn't seem to matter in the end-everything went to plan as far as I know.

They wheeled me into surgery and I remember to first 20 seconds or so and after that-it was lights out as soon as they started up the anesthesia.

As of this morning, my knee seems to be a whole lot's somewhat stiff and uncomfortable but I have meds for the pain so things could be worse.

I have a doctors appt. later today. I wanna go back to work as soon as possible because sitting around the house all day is boring as watching paint dry.

till later.

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