Monday, April 06, 2009

Bike trip and some day dreams.....

Not sure if the pain meds I'm taking are responsible or what...but I've been having some funky dreams lately.

For example-

The other night I finished reading one of my favorite magazines right before I fell asleep. I like reading about old bikes, touring bikes, trips, etc.

Anyways, in my dream I was trying to get ready for a bike tour with some friends and I was stuck in this endless loop of remembering stuff that I forgot to pack.

Everytime I would saddle up, one of my friends would ask me if I remembered a particular item and every time-I didn't remember it and would have to dismount, unpack a pannier and repack.

This went on for what seemed like a very long time. In fact it was dark before we headed off to whereever we were going.

Once we were on the road for awhile...I had to stop and change-for some reason I was wearing a pair of coveralls and workboots.

Got back on the road and we eventually got to the ocean where we stopped. For some reason, Journey was playing in the background. End of dream....weird.

Taking a nice bike tour is on my bucket list, but mine will be a little different. I'd like to do something like this.

Mostly flat, stop at hotels to sleep and eat, swim in the hotel pool, watch some satellite TV and pretty much ride at a mellow pace.

Not interested in camping, making my own food or taking a poo in the middle of the woods. I like to ride bikes but I don't like camping a whole lot. My idea of camping is sleeping with the windows open so I hear hear the crickets chirp at night.

We had my parents over for lunch wife makes the bestest most kickass cream of crab soup in the known universe. I helped a little but she tweaked my mom's recipe and made it with skim milk. It tasted creamy without being heavy...not sure how many calories were in a serving, but it was a perfect meal served with a salad and homemade bread.....yum.

This dude is lucky, he's damn lucky he has a good wife and family. I'm not the most perfect guy in the world, but in my 26 years of marriage, stuff like what Spitzer did has never crossed my mind.

Not sure what goes through a guys mind when he cheats on his wife, all I know is that I looked my wife in the eyes when we got married and promised to not be an asshole....(or words to that effect).

till later.

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