Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Now all I have to do is wait........

Over the past two days, I've had a chest x-ray, several knee x rays, a knee MRI, an electrocardiogram and blood work done.

Now all I have to do is wait until next Wednesday for my operation. It's gonna kill me to be sitting until next week but the doc said all I have to do is land my weight on the knee wrong and I could damage it further......I'm not really interested in doing that-it hurts enough already.

Guilty? Not guilty? Who cares, the dude is 85 years old....let him die in peace.

Sore loser of the year so far.....Norm Coleman.

Now's a really good time to buy a car. Me? I'll just keep driving my 10 year old van until it completely self-destructs.

Colbert rips Glenn Beck a new one.

I'm not allowed to have a motorcycle, but it I was- this would be the one.

AgeMaps.....pretty cool-make sure you check out the rest of the site.

Customer service at its finest.

till later.

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