Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, I've been off work for 3 weeks and I'm pretty much bored out of my skull.

My stitches were bothering the heck out of me....so I removed them.

Yeah, I'm sure the doctor will be less then pleased when I see him on Thursday.

I don't see any reason I can't get back to work....not that work is *fun* but I hate the fact that someone else has to disrupt their schedule to work my hours.

I did manage to accumulate about 35 grand in Facebook poker winning, to bad it ain't real money.

On the brighter side..one of my favorite TV shows is back on-Deadliest Catch. Not something I would do...riding up and down 40 foot waves ain't my idea of a good time...but is sure is fun to watch.

till later.

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