Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pea soup.....

Our daughter makes really good ham and pea soup....just thought I'd throw that out there............

Daniel sent me this link about breast cancer. It's a pretty good article about a serious subject.....why the hell do they have a picture of a girl holding two grapefruits up to hide her boobs? Kinda detracts from the seriousness of the article.

Continuing on the family theme, our daughter sent me this link. Oh man. When I was a kid I went to parties like that, only we didn't call them "White Trash Parties" ...everyone's parties where like that.

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Expensive cat warmer.

I bet Wal-Mart sells a ton of these. It's not a bad computer if all you're gonna do is surf the web and write e-mails. The price is sort of misleading.......doesn't include a monitor, so figure in another 150 bucks for a cheap 17" LCD. I'm doing some consulting for a client and they saw a Dell advertised for a really good price. I hate it when Dell does that, the PC they usually advertise a "stripper" with no extras whatsoever. By the time you add in what shoulda been there in the first almost doubles the price.

They shoulda left her in jail. She can't be that damn dumb for realsies...

till later.

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