Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to school...

Our son starts 11th grade on Wednesday. One question.....what's up with starting school before Labor Day?

Being somewhat old school, I think this is a dumbass idea.

If I was king....school would start the week after Labor Day and run 5 1/2 days a week until May 1st with one week off at Christmas.

The best part of being a kid is having summers off.

I know when I was a kid, summer was the time to get part time jobs mowing yards, paper routes and I also worked at an auction house from age 12 to age 16 every Saturday.

I did all that stuff and still had plenty of time to have fun and get into trouble....just ask my mom.

I got one of those fancy Blackberry's.....I'm getting to the point where I have to check my schedule before I make appointments....I'm absent minding and I need something that beeps at me when I need to be somewhere.....ain't technology great?

I was setting up my mom's laptop so she gets all of her e mail from her different accounts sent to Windows Mail......jeez, all you have to do is miss one port setting and nothing works right. Hopefully, I have it done correctly (after several attempts) and ....Mom, if you're reading this-feel free to chip in and tell everyone what a wonderful son I am.

My pop is wearing one of those portable heart monitors for a month, the docs are looking for an irregular heartbeat....my old man is one tough Irish guy-he said they ain't gonna find any problems. Alrightly then dad...just listen to the doctors....we'd like you to stick around for awhile.

Wow...this whole Michael Jackson thing won't die (see what I did there?) My opinion? It's a sad tale starting from the time the dude burned all his hair off filming a Pepsi commercial and it went downhill from there. He was one strange guy.

I'm waiting for a better program. I want the government to replace my Chrysler minivan with another Chrysler product for free since they are pretty much owned by the government. Then I'd sell the new vehicle. I have no idea what made me buy a Chrysler product but never again....I'm sticking with Subies from now on.

I'm one of those Libertarian nutjobs, so I didn't vote for Obama but his party has the edge in both the Senate and the House of Representatives......why isn't anything getting done? The Democrats continue to find new ways to lose. I'm sure it ain't this simple, but if I was President, I'd call each and every Democrat to the Oval Office, get about 2 inches away from them and read them the riot act. They are gonna piss away the next year and get squat accomplished.

What do I know, all I do is make donuts and fix computers.....and shoot my mouth off.

till later.

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