Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ever feel............

Like this after a bike ride?

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Did the Rail Rail on Sunday with my buddy Mike, his sweetie and a couple other good friends. I think we did something like 10 or 12 miles and had a nice rest stop half way and I had a quite yummy iced coffee mocha slushy with whipped creme.

I probably balanced out my calorie intake with the miles I pedaled but the best news was that I had no extra knee pain the next day.

If you need a good cocktail idea...mix equal parts of diet peach Fresca and grapefruit juice with a shot of the cheapest whiskey you can find (I'm not a whiskey connoisseur). It's not like I'm a drunk or anything, I allow myself 2 cocktails on my evening off every week....good stuff.

This upcoming weekend...looks like we'll be doing a little mild off-roading down at Lake Redman. It'll be the first time this year my mountain bike has been in the dirt...should be fun.

till later.

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