Thursday, August 13, 2009

New computer time...

Not for me......the client I was talking about yesterday.

Coulda been worse, the computer that I replaced was almost 10 years old-it was due. No biggie, I had a back up less then 24 hours old. I just transfered all his stuff and I was in bed by 1 PM. Didn't have the time to remove all the crapware yet....I'll do that sometime next week.

Yay for me.

The only casualty was my bike ride with my friend Mike....fortunately he's an understanding friend- I'm sure he'll thank me by taking all my money at poker later tonight....

Anybody got a few spare hundred thousand bucks?

I wanna do something like this. I have the technical skills and the sense of humor to pull it off. Unfortunately, our area is flooded with donut shops and most folks around here probably aren't ready to pay a dollar for donut. It would be a lot of hours but I like being creative.....maybe I'll post up some of my wilder creations...

Stay back 100 feet.......I'm just like a firetruck. My lovely wife made me an entire batch of chili before she left for the beach. I've had it for my last 3 meals. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Yesterday a client's computer shit the hope I don't.

Sometimes I don't think very much before I eat stuff.

Seriously....shut the hell up. If she was an ugly old white guy instead of a leggy attractive woman....nobody would give a shit what she's saying.

till later.

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