Friday, August 14, 2009

Mmmmmmmm steak.

As predicted.....Mike cleaned me out of my 20 bucks at poker on Thursday night. Never gamble with more money then you are willing to kiss goodbye. Heck, the way I look at it...$20 bucks was worth it for an evening of entertainment with the boys and............

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Couple of things you might notice....

-There's enough meat for 4 people...only 2 of us.

-Mike uses REAL charcoal to cook meat-tasted awesome.

-The grill screen is never cleaned-natural anti-stick

All I gotta say is Mike is one helluva cook. The man knows how to cook meat....crispy on the outside and tender and BLOODY on the inside...and he makes one mean Hollindaise sauce.

Today is the first day I've had off from work in 12 days straight. The celebrate (other than playing poker last night) I'm doing absolutely nothing. It's gonna be an effort to put on a shirt to go outside and check the mail. I'm 2 bottles into a 4 pack of wine coolers and it's only 2 in the afternoon.....looks like I'm staying home for the rest of the day.

I got our daughters car back from the shop...1900 bucks. New brakes, rotors, state inspection and a complete engine disassembly to replace every single gasket in the engine. If it cost anywhere near that much to fix ever again....I'm gonna drive it through the front window of my mechanics garage. It's always something but over the long's still cheaper then a new car.

Here's an example of how money can screw you up. I say let the guy get on with his life. He paid his debt to society..I don't particularly like the dude-but he deserves a second's not like he drank a 5th of Jim Beam and swerved into a minibus full of kids and killed them all or something. Killing dogs isn't exactly sterling human behavior...but he coulda done worse.

Pretty soon....the Japanese will all be as fat as Americans.

Wanna blow smoke up someone's ass? Here's the tool to do it with.

till later.

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