Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Button rage...........

One of my long time clients called me up...she was having trouble working the remote control for her DVD player. If I was the guy designing remote controls-I'd have an on/off button, a channel up/down button, a mute button and a volume button.

The rest of the controls?

I'd figure something out....

Her remote control has at least 2 dozen buttons...all with teeny tiny writing that's all but undecipherable to my 50 year old eyes. My client is a few years older then me and she was a little frustrated.

To get the DVD player to work, you need to push a button on the TV remote and then push the same button again within 2 seconds to select your viewing source...none of the viewing sources are tagged "DVD" Once we had that figured out, the DVD player has it's own remote with about 900 tiny little buttons.

Both the TV and the DVD player are made by Sony.......somebody at Sony needs their ass kicked.

If I could figure a way to make a universal remote with large easily understandable buttons....I'd be able to retire on the profits.

till later.

PS-My business partner (our son) turned 16 yesterday. To say I'm proud of him would be a huge understatement. He's pretty much got his stuff together and has his head screwed on's gonna be fun watching him as he finishes growing up.

My wife and I have great kids.

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