Thursday, September 03, 2009

Best time of the year.......

Back when I was a kid....summer was my all-time favorite season. Now that I'm a tad bit older-it's tough to beat the 8 weeks of September and October. Cool crisp mornings...humidity free in the daytime and nice and cool in the evening.

This week at work, I'm training a new associate on the fine art of baking and donut making. If I had my druthers...I'd be training people all the time-it's one of my favorite things to do. The gentleman I'm working with this week is semi-retired and was looking for something extra to do. It's always a pleasure to work with more "mature" associates....

I may sound like an old whippersnapper, but kids nowadays could learn a few things from us older guys.

This is one of my favorite shows. Pretty cool how pawn shops work but I enjoy the interaction between the grandfather, the son and the grandson. My dad, me and my son are pretty tight as well...maybe we oughta start a business together.

I dunno...but if I owned a store with tons of shiny new computers-I'd have a steel grate across the door when I wasn't open.

I was on Facebook and saw one of my coworkers baby girl....awww she is soooo adorable. I can hardly wait for grandkids. Our daughter is still in college so there isn't a rush, but it will be so cool when it happens.

I like maps and I like science...way cool site.

Biggest WTF? I've seen for awhile....this however, comes in at a close second place.

till later.

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