Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go out for a pass......

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Hell, I don't even know who's in the Super Bowl.....but if you need a loaf of rye bread that looks like a football-I gotcha covered.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So far I likey..........

I got the beta version of Windows 7 installed with no major didn't like the registration code that Microsoft provided but it still seems to work fine.

Here's a news flash.....I need to lose 20 pounds and sitting in front of this laptop ain't working so well. Tomorrow morning, I'm joining a local gym that's open 24 hours a day and I'll be putting in some miles in on a stationary bike before I come home in the mornings.

4 trillion dollars....damn-that's a lot of money.

The view from damn cool is that?

Maybe some day I'll be 92...I figure you can say just about anything to anyone at that age and get away with it.

till later.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm having a day

I like to tweak computers.....having said that, I've tweaked my laptop so well that it no longer boots.


Having learned the back-up lesson the hard way several years ain't that big of a deal, that'll teach me not to play around with partition managers.

Since it no longer boots up into Vista, I figured...why not install the Windows 7 beta?

I let ya'll know how it works once I get it set up....

till later.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ever have one of those days.....

Like I always say....I just make donuts for a living but some nights are more fun than others.

Last night was one of "those" nights.....

My job isn't really all that difficult, if you can juggle a bowling ball, a running chainsaw and an'll do just fine.

Seriously though, it does get a little crazy when I'm making donuts, trying to keep two commercial sized ovens full of product, answer the phone and wait on customers.

So, last night some goober came in at around 1 AM and stated....."Hey pal, where are all your damn sugar cookies? This is the 3rd store I've been in tonight and none of you guys have any.


What did I say to this mouth breathing hillbilly?

I wanted to stick my foot up his ass, but I replied "I guess we are all out, sorry."

Maybe if the guy asked nice I mighta looked in our freezer for the ones we make ahead...

...sometimes it doesn't pay to be an asshole.

Finishing up a client's computer....has to be the world record for malicious files. I found trojans, viruses, worms, name it-it was in there. Thousands of nasty files...someone in the family is a serious pirate.

I was this close to calling them up and suggesting a format....I hate to take the nuclear option but if you miss one malicious file...the whole thing can start over anew.

Fun times for sure.

My friend Ted sent me this...I signed up, beats the hell out of doing nothing.

This guy really needs to put his head up is ass...that way no one could hear him when he speaks.

I think these guys (ahem)....nailed it.

A letter from a shelter manager.

My friend Ed sent me this.....

Sipping her drink, the single girl leered and said, “Last Friday at the end of the work day I went to my boyfriend’s office wearing a leather coat.

When all the other people had left, I slipped out of it and all I had on was a leather bodice, black stockings and stiletto heels.

He was so aroused that we made passionate love on his desk right then and there!”

The engaged woman giggled and said, “That’s pretty much my story!

When my fiance got home last Friday, he found me waiting for him in a black mask, leather bodice, black hose and stiletto pumps. He was so turned on that we not only had sex all night, he wants to move up our wedding date!”

The married woman put her glass down and said, “I did a lot of planning. I made arrangements for the kids to stay over at Grandma’s. I took a long scented-oil bath and then put on my best perfume.

I slipped into a tight leather bodice, a black garter belt, black stockings and six-inch stilettos. I finished it off with a black mask. When my husband got home from work, he grabbed a beer and the remote, sat down and yelled,

‘Hey, Batman, what’s for dinner?’”

Me? I ain't that dumb.

Comments.....make sure they have proper punctuation and spelling.

If I eat 455 lbs of Breyers Coffee ice cream.....I'll be dead.

Who's smarter....cats or humans?

My sister-in-law had one of these and drove it through several Cleveland could kneel down next to it and listen to it rust.

I'm not saying one side is right or the other side is right, but one thing's for sure....this ain't never gonna be over.

till later.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My friend Ted sent me this.......what the hell is wrong with these guys? Wow.

Been really busy with computer stuff, not much time to post.

I finally got the chance to listen to Obama's inauguration speech....not too bad, there sure where lots of people there.. I know lots of folks think the dude is the be all of end all....I say give the guy at least 6 months to get his feet wet.

He has inherited a basket full of problems from his's gonna take years to get the country back to where it needs to be.

I'm getting kinda tired of my van. If it had decent heat and air conditioning...I'd be fine but neither system works very well.

I think I have figured out what my next car is gonna be. I'd like a brand new shiny car of course, but I really think one of these would be cool. Cop shocks, cop motor, cop everything.....hit it.

Yeah, baby.

till later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama

I've been waiting for awhile to say that...

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Let's hope for a good run.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Olan Mills photos

No way you'll be able to keep a straight face....

List Of The Day: Great Olan Mills photos

Dale Earnhardt is dead????

I just love working late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning....usually right around 2 AM when the bars close is the best.

Last night a huge (I mean immensely fat) Dale Earnhardt fan wanted to get some fresh donuts.

I could hardly fault the guy, our exhaust fan fills the parking lot with donut fumes, so by the time the guy got to the bakery, his eyes were about to pop out.

How could I tell he was a Dale fan? Every piece of clothing the guy was wearing had a big "3" on it somewhere.

Our conversation.....

Dale fan-Heybuudycanigetsmesumathemthardonuts?

Me-Sure, how many would you like?

Dale fan- Gimmeadozenawhateversfresh.

Me-You a big Dale Earnharnt fan?

Dale fan-Youbetchabuddy....3furever.

Me-(I know Dale has been dead for a number of years but I really wanted to have some fun) So, how did Dale do in the points this year?

Dale fan- (stunned silence).....uhbuddy....Daledonegotkeeledatdaytona

Me-Nah....really? I was wondering why I have heard much about him lately.

It doesn't take much for me to entertain myself.

Is this a mess or what? As much as I'd like to see Bush and his cronies have to answer for their actions......I'd have to agree with Obama and move on-we have enough problems.

I'd rather be lucky than good.....

Dick falls asleep....nice.

2 more days.

till later.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I love this guy.....

Robert Reich's Blog:

What Should Be Done With The Next $350 Billion of Taxpayer Bailout Money: Criteria for TARP II

I don't mind 11 degrees.....

I don't mind when it's 11 degrees out.......but my damned knees do. It kinda sucks to be 49 and have the knees of an 80 year old. Ah well...lots of folks have worse problems, it doesn't do any good to complain.

Does this pilot have the right stuff or what? Who said airline pilots are overpaid? If I have a bad day at work.....a couple loaves of bread or some donuts might get burnt. If an airline pilot has a bad day at's usually on the evening news.

I'd love to be able to say something nice about President Bush, but nothing comes to mind. I hope he enjoys his retirement. I'm not one of those folks that will be celebrating next Tuesday, our next President has a full plate in front of him and the sooner he gets to work-the better.

Next Wednesday can't get here soon enough.

till later.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm a clean freak......

Well, let's just say I'm a clean freak at home, my mountain bike has mud on it that's close to a year old and my van hasn't been through a car wash since before Thanksgiving.

I was off work for a couple nights and the co-worker that takes my place is legally blind. Not sure how he gets his work done because the poor guy can barely see past his nose.

I'm glad they keep him on, because he's one of the nicest fellows you'd ever want to meet, but when works.....he's a messy Marvin. It took me an extra hour to clean up my work area, but it was totally worth it to get the weekend off.

I like all the equipment I work with to be spotless....and I'm kinda anal about it.

Reading the news..........

This is a mess. To bad innocent children are being caught in the middle.

TJ Maxx might be in trouble.....or not.

Funny, that's how I fix stuff sometimes.

till later.

Monday, January 12, 2009

50 years.........

My parents had their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday.......50 years is a long time if you are standing outside waiting for a cab, but in this case-not so much.

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That's my parents and my beloved Aunt Betty in blue.

If anyone gets a free pass into Aunt Betty should easily qualify. I could spend hours sitting here typing out how good of a person she is, let's just suffice it to say that I love her as much as I do my parents. She's a wonderful human being.

Afterwords, we had a nice dinner at The Embers...except for the fact that the place only had one waitress for the whole restaurant. We were a party of 18 plus 5 or 6 other tables..the poor waitress was in the weeds all afternoon.

Whatever, the weather held off just long enough for everyone to get home safely that night and that's all that really matters.

till later.

Friday, January 09, 2009


I have been smoke free for 9 years today.

My parents will have been married for 50 years on Saturday.

till later.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Old the usual spew.

Saw this car while I was out doing errands.....

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A buddy of mine had one similar to it....good times for sure.

I just finished watching Religulous.....all I'm gonna say it that it's a very interesting documentary.

This is just great....looks like they are gonna bomb each other back to the Stone Age.

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What a bunch of asses.......someone has a sense of humor.

Remember that bug I had last week? I think half the folks where I work have it now....not a whole lot of fun. Kinda like having having your head pumped full of mashed potatoes.....(that's a food pump in the link)

Like I always say...I just make donuts for a living-the economy has me totally baffled at this point. All I know is that we aren't making any really large purchases and are taking a wait and see attitude. I did order a Wii Fit for the family...Kinda looks like fun.

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Oh Shit?

Anyone see the 60 Minutes report on drunk drivers this past Sunday? A vehicle is basically a 4000 lb projectile.....if you're drunk, high or wacked out on pills and you kill someone.....I think it should be treated the same as a murder case.

You don't think any of these folks are gonna want any special favors do ya? Who said I wouldn't pick on Obama????

Anyone ever had "Mexican Pepsi"?'s so much better than the USA version made with HFCS How'd I get a hold of cane sugar Pepsi? Hey, I work in a grocery store...we have our ways.

Interesting article about the Obama kids first day in school. I really like the part where the children have to observe 5 minutes of silence in the morning for quiet reflection. I think all schools should do that.

Maybe it's because I'm a nutjob liberal.....but I'd rather see tobacco made illegal and legalize marijuana. Neither one floats my boat, just sayin'.

Anyone have an extra 20 dollar charge on their Verizon bill this month for voice mail they didn't order? Shame on you guys.....we didn't order any extra services and tacking 3rd party services onto our bill without our permission ain't the way to win friends and influence people. To be guys pretty much suck. We are this close to just canceling the landline.

Angry Whopper? WTF? I guess I haven't been in a BK for awhile.

Just found this blog....gotta be one of my favorites.


I love me some frozen prepared food, but since I stopped eating so much of it....I've lost weight and I don't feel so bogged down.

I still however, have a big mouth which I enjoy shooting off from time to time.....just keep reading, I'm bound to piss someone off.

till later.

Posting will be sporadic this week

I have a busy, busy week working on computers coming up...

till later.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fix this computer..........

Stopped by my childhood friend's business yesterday to pick up his computer for a little work.....he's not really into computers, he just wants it to do what it's supposed to do.

He has a fairly low tolerance level for anything related to computers so I wasn't at all surprised that he had his gun pulled out and leveled at the monitor when I walked in yesterday.

We've known each other since we've been 5 years old, so I was pretty sure he wasn't gonna pull the trigger.....but you never know. I just hope I have his computer working to his satisfaction, bullet holes are hard to fix.

This whole situation sucks for the innocent people on both sides of the border. I suppose agreeing to disagree is totally out of the question at this point.

I know a couple of my readers think I've been unfair to President Bush.....fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If Obama does the same dumbass stuff that 43 is doing, I'll do my best to shoot my mouth off about that as well.

I'm so proud......York Pa is the Snack Food Capitol of the wonder most of us are fatasses.

I only live about 95 miles can park in my driveway if you need a place to park.

Our daughter called me from Hawaii last night.....things are going well. Things are also expensive. 2 AA batteries-15 bucks, half gallon of orange juice-8 bucks....yikes.

Surfs up.

till later.

Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 in review............

Nah, let's not even go there.

2008 was probably one of the worst years on record for bad news.

Let's look ahead to 2009 and see if the good ole US of A can avoid looking like jackasses to the rest of the world.

Shouldn't be too hard....after this bozo retires.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out 43......

till later.