Sunday, December 31, 2006

Today is ...........

Today is "Set up my home office day".

My lovely wife moved a bunch of her stuff around so I could set up all my stuff. This is a real shoe string operation, all my stuff is gonna be on the dining room table until I make enough money to buy a "real" desk.

Pictures to follow....

Since I've had lots of spare time....I've been doing a lot of reading online. It's time for everyone to write those "Best of 2006" stories. Whatever, most of them are really boring so I'll refrain from linking to any of them.

I will comment on this though. I know the fact that it was in the 60's yesterday has nothing to do with ice shelves breaking up but it does make you wonder at least a tiny bit about global warming. I suppose that if you live in Denver like Ptelea might have a different opinion.

Looks like this Best Buy manager has a Napoleon complex.

I graduated high school in 1977. I probably thought this was cool.

My mom can't read this, her computer is on the fritz........I sure hope I can fix it.

Till later.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm a pinhead..........

We have one of those massagers with heated balls and our son ran that over my back for awhile last night my back was really stiff. Probably from not doing anything all day.

I took a muscle relaxant last night, it didn't seem to work very well so I took another one an hour later. That one did the trick. I didn't fall asleep-I passed out.

I could put a few links up about Hussein being put to death but I'm not gonna. I figure that if you have a computer or a TV......that's all you'll hear about today. I'm just worried that the Bushes aren't having that good of a vacation.

Spending the morning today looking for a new printer and a portable hard drive.....I kinda know what I want, but it's still fun to shop around.

Here's a math joke..........

Image Hosted by

That's how I woulda solved it too.

Till later.

Friday, December 29, 2006

My last remaining nerve......

Actually, it's not my last nerve but the one nerve that is currently pinched at the base of my spine........and it's really pissing me off. I'm not in a great deal of pain but it's damn uncomfortable. I can stay in one position for a few minutes and then I have to move. Slept about 2 hours yesterday and 5 hours last night.

So....I called off work for a few nights. I'll be off until next Tuesday, hopefully that will be enough time for the swelling around the pinched nerve to go down. I did get some muscle relaxant from the doctor, seems to help quite a bit. I'm not a real big fan of pain meds unless I really need them, I'd rather feel a little discomfort so I know that I'm close to overdoing it.

As a side effect, muscle relaxants make you really mellow.

Bicycle Repairman. 58 more here. Monty Python is the shit.

Who said video games don't pay?

I'm guessing the author of this study was male. Who the hell spends 18 hours a week doing housework?

Best kitchen tool ever. Little known fact......I can crack 4 eggs at once......with no shells getting into the eggs.

Just change the times and I can relate to this chart.

My favorite cups in our house are wide and tall. I'm sure glad my favorite beverage is skim milk instead of beer.....

If I tried this, it would cost close to 1000 dollars. Why? Because I'd slice my hand trying to open the battery and that's probably what the E.R. bill would be for the resulting stitches.

I like ice cream and this blog.

Not the smartest guy on the lake. Or in the lake for that matter.

It's really going to be interesting to hear what Bush has to say in January. To surge or not to surge....that's the question. I'm sure he be as clear about where we're headed as he has been in the past.

President Ford died. Sure, I could say something about what kind of President he was....all I can think of is that he did the best job he could considering the circumstances he was under. If the dude had a set of balls he would have released this when it was done in 2004.

Harsh on my part? Yeah probably, but that's the way I see it, if you talk the talk-walk the walk....if he wanted to say stuff that is controversial in the press, he shoulda took the heat for it.

Here's a picture of one of my Christmas presents...........

Image Hosted by

My mother-in-law got our son and I matching shirts. Like I've said previously, I have a way cool mother-in-law. Since it looks like I have lots of unplanned free time this weekend, I'm gonna work on my website and do some paperwork for a business up will be a visit to the bank to set up a business account.

Till later....

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How was everyone's Christmas?

Ours was pretty nice.....

As per tradition, all the family go over to my in-laws Christmas eve. We have a nice meal, hang out and open presents.

Image Hosted by
Here's their fireplace with all the grandkids stockings.

Image Hosted by
Here's their tree.

I'm not sure how many hours my mother-in-law spends getting all this stuff together, but it's lots. Our son was over on Sunday helping her wrap presents for 6 hours. All in all, it was a fun but loud time.

Image Hosted by
When their are this many nieces and nephews all in one's kinda hard to be quiet.

Christmas morning at our house was pretty much like any other year, since we have a cat now-she was the center of attention.

Image Hosted by
Belle received some catnip as one of her presents.

Image Hosted by
Belle throughly enjoyed her present.

Image Hosted by
She got stoned enough so that she kinda took a break from it all inside an empty shoe box.

We got the bright idea that Belle would enjoy going with us to visit my mom and dad since she spent several weeks there this past summer and really enjoyed hanging out with my folks.

Don't have any pictures of Belle having a good time at my parents. She went but she wasn't very happy about it-she hide under my mom and dad's bed most of the time she was there.

I guess getting high as a kite, getting packed into a dark cardboard box and going to a strange house full of people staring at her as she hid under a bed wasn't her idea of a good time.

Go figure.

Till later...

Monday, December 25, 2006

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cats are trouble.......

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Taken a millisecond before the cat tried to leap into the artificial shrub.

Will It Blend extravaganza...... my favorite is the 53 die cast matchboxes. Actually, I like ALL of them, how badass is a blender that will blend a garden rake?

Sometimes I wish Dan Quayle woulda won.

You can tell I read this before I started this here blog.

After reading my blog entry about me calling my kids the wrong names, one of my buddies told me I might have this. I'm inclined to agree somewhat. I have an extremely difficult time picking friends out of a crowd. Sometimes, friends of mine will walk right up to me or past me and I don't "see" them. Then again, I'm legally blind without my glasses........

I am so glad Christmas is finally here. I had a nice grandmotherly type absolutely chew my face off last night at 1 AM because we were out of pumpernickel bread. All I can say is.....Grandma, karma is gonna bite you in the ass real hard someday. I'm sure you'll still get to go to heaven, but I hope St. Peter gives you a full cavity search before he lets your grumpy ass in.

Silent Night like you've never heard it before......Merry Christmas!

Till later......

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Don't piss me off.

This article reminds me of Dan Rosenburg. All through 7th and 8th grade-Dan made fun of me for various reasons....

When we went to the high school in 9th grade he started down the same road teasing me about different stuff.

One day we were assembled in the auditorium for something or other and as I was leaving, I saw Dan sitting in an end seat with his head down reading something.

I said "Hey Dan" and as he looked up......I hit him right in the face with my history book.

He never bothered me after that.

I'm not sure what the moral of that story is...........maybe....... "Don't tease me for two years or I'll hit you in the face with a book when you least expect it."

I'm sooo glad I don't have to travel anywhere for business or pleasure. Getting stuck in an airport can't be fun. My next door neighbor is a pilot for a major airline.......I'm sure he's thinking the same thing.

As I am writing this blog entry, I am fixing my brother-in-laws new laptop. Not sure if one of his kids deleted something they shouldn't have or if the hard drive took a dump, but I to reinstall most everything. No biggie, that's what back-ups are for......

I guess the 20 dollar gift card to where I work at I got for Christmas wasn't that bad.....actually at one time the company used to go to a lot of time and trouble to make really nice fruit baskets for all of us.....that was before we had 10,000 employees.

It's not like I'm the only person out there that thinks Bush is delusional. I'm guessing that if he doesn't pull his own head out of his ass soon........ hopefully someone on his staff will.

Till later.

Tagged by the Bag...............

The Old Bag has tagged me. Jeanne has a great blog, if you don't already read it, I'd suggest that you start............

Here's 5 things you may or may not know about me..............

#1 Let's start with the obvious.............I love bikes. While I've had different hobbies and my life has taken lots of twists and turns...........I've always enjoyed being on a bike. Right at the moment, my riding has taken a back seat with me preparing to start up a new business........but I'll always like my bikes.

#2 I once ate a very large bug for 20 dollars.

#3 The last time that I was good and drunk was 2 days before I was married. I might have a beer or two from time to time and I might even drink 3 over the course of an evening if I'm on vacation.....but the last time I was stoopid from alcohol was in 1983..... that cured me from ever doing it again.

#4 I am extremely absent minded. We have 2 children and I've called them the wrong name before. What makes this worse is that one child is male and the other is female and they are separated by 6 years. I'm amazed that our kids haven't printed up their own name tags as a joke.

#5 If I ever win the lottery.......I'm going to go to art school. I'd probably turn into a professional student. I love going to museums, car shows or anywhere I can see other people's creativity.

#6 I'd rather take a beating then eat lima beans, brussel sprouts or egg salad made in a blender.

#7 I'm a technology whore. If I had unlimited funds, I'd own one of everything Circuit City and Best Buy sells.

#8 I can't count real good.

#9 I love to read. I spend an hour every morning reading current events and sometimes another hour checking out technology sites. I also love reading books, magazines, cereal boxes, newspapers and just about anything else.

#10 I have a wicked sense of humor, laughter makes the world go round.

#11 If you're an asshole- I have no problem looking you right in the eye and telling you you're an asshole.

#12 If you're my friend......I'll defend you to the bitter end.

Oops, kinda lost track there...........I'm not gonna tag anybody, most of the blogs I read already have had their authors tagged but if you have diarrhea of the keyboard like me......feel free to tag yourself.....

This somehow makes sense to me.

Gadgets that save money. I love gadgets.

This should be under the definition of ironic.

Bike powered laptop. I need one of these.

Just the left arm? That's damn depressing.

There is no way you can watch this without laughing.

Science Fairs. This guy has a wicked sense of humor and pretty good Photoshop skills.

I bet this guy is popular around Christmas. By the way, I think his hobby is pretty darn cool.

Katrina gingerbread house.

Floyd is gonna kick Lance's ass.

Here are some bikes with all the candy. I thought my Surly with the bugle horn was bad....

Stupid ways to die.


I want to die in my sleep.......10 dollars overdrawn on my checking account.

Till later.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Where the hell did all those people come from???

I thought for sure our daughter and I would not run into many folks doing Monday morning Christmas shopping.

I thought wrong.

Every place we went was packed and it was only 10:30 in the morning.

I saw a lot of this when we were out as well. Here's a newsflash-if you drive a 3 ton SUV or a 4 door pick-up truck or anything that is larger then a normal vehicle........LEARN TO PARK THE DAMN THING.

Pot is the nations biggest cash crop. While I chose not to smoke it, I don't think it's any more harmful then drinking alcohol.

So why not legalize it and tax the hell out of it?

Sure, you can smoke a 1/4 pound of it and drive into a bridge abutment, but you can do the same thing with alcohol as well. It's all about personal accountability and taking responsibility for your actions.

General Motors doesn't get it. Man, that's one butt-ugly looking car.

If you read about the story yesterday about pork.........this one is about chicken. You don't want to be eating breakfast when you read this. As a side note,the guy in the article was recently found dead.

Google was around in 1960.

I was wondering who was buying and building all those new houses I see going up all over the place. Looks like it might bite some folks in the ass pretty soon.

Save that fruitcake. I used to make hundreds of them every year at Christmas. Now.....not so much.

Till later.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas shopping..........

My daughter and I are going Christmas shopping today.......this will be the first and last time I've been out shopping for stuff.......we stopped at Wal-Mart yesterday just to see if they had something in stock. It was one of those items they keep locked up and after asking 4 or 5 clerks if they had a key to unlock the case......we left.

Turdurken. About the only way to make this better would be to deep fry lard.

I love the way this guy moves. Even if he isn't quite right in the head.

Check this parrot out. I wonder how long it took for the parrot to learn all that stuff.

Here's why I don't like country music very much. Actually this guy has a whole bunch of videos on YouTube. I still don't country music...........

Dick in a Box. Saturday Night Live is still around?

My mother-in-law does number 18.....that's okay though because God is probably gonna make her a saint when she gets to heaven.

I remember buying a couple of these. No, I'm not saying which ones....

This is a story about pork. It's fairly long but it's a good read. Doesn't make me very hungry for pork products.....

Not that I'm in the market for one anytime soon, but Chrysler is coming out with new minivans. I own one now and I really get a lot of use out of it but I really want something with all-wheel drive next I buy something.

Till later....


Still working on my "links" section, I'm in the middle of switching RSS readers and haven't had much spare time.... I was using NewsGator but I like the way Google Reader looks and works so I switched all my feeds over to that.

If you like to visit certain websites everyday, using a newsreader is the way to go....saves lots of time because the content comes to you instead of you having to look for the content.

My buddy Doug sent me this joke........

One winter morning a couple was listening to the radio
over breakfast. They
hear the announcer say, "we are going to have 8 to 10
inches of snow today
You must park your car on the even-numbered side of
the street, so the
snowplows can get through." Norman's wife goes out and
moves her car.

One week later while they are eating breakfast again,
the radio announcer says,
"We are expecting 10 to 12 inches of snow today. You
must park your car on the
odd-numbered side of the street, so the snowplows can
get through." Normans
wife goes out and moves her car again.

The next week they are again having breakfast, when
the radio announcer says,
"We are expecting 12 to 14 inches of snow today. You
must park...." Then the
power goes out.

Normans wife is very upset, and with a worried look on
her face she says, "Honey
I don't know what to do? Which side of the street do I
need to park on, so the snowplows
can get through?"

With the love and understanding in his voice that all
men who are married to blondes
exhibit, Norman says

"Why don't you just leave it in the garage this time!"

Doug's a helluva guy, you can visit his website (he designs websites) or his Flickr page-he's a rockin' photographer..........if you wanna complain about the blond joke *email him* not me:-)

Don't stick fireworks up your poop chute and light them. I mean seriously, how drunk do you have to be to do something that dumb? Drunker then this guy, I suppose.


Go here, read this and then watch this. What a cool dad.

Finally for something completely different........Mom and Dad of the Year.

Till later.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Our daughter comes home today.......

Looking forward to seeing her but I think the cat misses her almost as much as we do. The cat has started to follow me around the house and making funny noises if I don't pet her.

My mom really, really wants a cat but my pop is pretty much dead set against it......maybe if our kids buy her one it would work out. My old man could be mad at me or my mom for buying a cat but there ain't no way he'd be mad at his grandkids......

I really want one of these. Not bad enough to spend 40 bucks on it, but still-you can't deny how cool it is. It would probably send our cat into apoplectic shock but it would still be fun.....

How come they don't sell handbags for guys? My wife just got the coolest purse- it has a light on the inside. Actually, I Google'd it and saw some really cool mens bags. I don't carry that much stuff around (cell, PDA, iPod etc) but I'm tempted. I really like this one.......almost as much as a remote control helicopter.....

Damn. I got a 20 dollar gift card from my employer. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

CNN has a hard-on for Obama. Here's a newsflash....THE NEXT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IS 2 YEARS FROM NOW.....can't CNN wait at least until the 2006 election winners are in office before they compare the poor guy to that nutjob running Iran?

I like ranch flavored Doritos......I wonder what my IQ is. Actually, I know what it is and if eating veggies were the key to being smart.......I'm in a lot of trouble.

I used to love playing Lawn Darts. All my uncles would come over to the house, get drunk and try to play. It's amazing no one died. I had one of these too, I'm amazed that I didn't end burning the house down.

...........I just settled for occasional trips to the hospital for stitches.

Actually, from what my mom tells me-I banged myself up so much and so often the folks at the hospital thought my parents were abusing me. I guess after you hit yourself in the face with a rock or rip open gaping holes in your flesh from bicycle crashes and get kinda nonchalant about it after awhile.

I wonder if I could make donuts remotely......

The Fruitcake Lady. My friend Hank sent me this, she's a laugh riot.

Till later.......

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Jesus Day.....

I like to wish people "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays", have a fun Festivus, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah.

I'm not being an asshole, because I really mean it.

I figure that even if someone doesn't believe in Christmas, Baby Jesus or God...........well, then they can at least have a nice day off because most folks don't work on Christmas.

Last night I waited on an older lady that after I wished her a Merry Christmas....she told me in no uncertain terms that she doesn't believe in Christmas. Without thinking (I do that a lot) I wished her a "Happy Jesus Day".

I don't think that phrase worked too well for her either......

Guess you can't make everyone happy.

Till later.

P.S. ........Have a Merry Christmas :-)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Random crap and a homeless guy

I really like this site from a fellow bike blogger.

I sure hope this guy is gonna be okay, but lets face it-unless the Senate vote total wasn't so close-this woulda never made the news.

5 ft 1 inch and she weighs 85 pounds? Drunk driving, Vicodin and weed are the least of her worries, she needs a sandwich or two. Seroiusly?........She's just damn lucky nobody got killed.

Will it blend? I love this dude.

Whoever does the marketing for Quizno's is on some very bad drugs.

Someone calls bullshit on the phrase ‘The Customer is Always Right’ .....I think that everyone should have to work a retail job at least once before they get to go through life. Me? I have the phrase "Have a nice day" down perfectly so that when I say it to someone that's pissing me off-they know I mean exactly the opposite.

Last night we kicked some homeless guy out of our store after he fell asleep in the's something like the 4th or 5th time he's tried to spend the night in our store. it wouldn't be so bad but the dude smells rank and he stares at people when they shop.

Soy makes your kids gay. I bet this guy is piece of work.

Optimize the vulcanization process? Umm, no thank you....I'm not sticking my penis into anything that is gonna vulcanize it.

This game is kinda fun....the music gets old after awhile though............

Not too much you could say after this.....

Till later.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom........

It's my mom's birthday today and I just wanna wish her a happy birthday and no I'm not gonna say how old she is.......she reads this and she would probably lop my head off if I said her age.

Let's just say she's a young grandmother and leave it at that.

The trees are going back up at Sea-Tac. Good stuff.

I know I posted about this yesterday, but here's another article about the North Pole ice disappearing.

Can I do anything about global warming? I say we kill all the cows.

Sure, I could quit my job because the ovens and fryers I use probably pump out enough heat into the atmosphere to heat an entire sub division.

Nicole Richies mugshot. What a tool.

Think George Bush is scary? This dude is worse. There might be a few folks out there that I don't like a whole lot, but I sure don't wish they were dead.

Nuckin' Futs. Not even close to being P.C.

I don't mind riding my bike in traffic, but this guy is insane.

I've never gone hunting, I don't think I'd have the heart to pull the trigger on Bambi. Having said that........I love venison, I wonder how reindeer meat tastes?

Write Santa a note. There ain't no way you'll be able to get through the whole thing without laughing out loud.....

Evel Knievel sues Kanye West. Go Evel, go.........even though Evel is in his 60's-he'd probably still be able to kick his ass.

Just got an email that was supposedly from Ebay telling me that my account was being suspended......It's a scam, Ebay never asks you for your password.......
Free Image Hosting at
Click the thumbnail to make biggerer.....
You can see I have my pointer hovering over the link in the upper red circle and in the lower red circle, you can see the address of the's a shocker-it ain't Ebay.
Free Image Hosting at
As you can see, it looks like Ebay but my browser (Firefox 2.0) points out that it is most likely a fraudulent website.....

Don't fall for this kind of stuff....just a friendly reminder from your favorite donut guy.....

Speaking of donuts, last night at work I had the weirdest thing happen............I'm kinda stuck in the corner of the store and not everyone that walks by where I work realizes I am there. Last night a couple walked right past me and obviously they didn't see me because the woman pulled down her pants and started to itch her ass. I mean to say she had a full moon going and she was going to town itching.

It wasn't pretty.

Any long time readers of this blog knows what comes next..........that's right folks-it was time for a plate drop.

I just happened to have one of those pewter serving dishes handy............CLANG.......she pulled her britches up real quick.....

Till later.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Updated links............

Started to put some of the other blogs I read into my links section. It's mostly copy and paste stuff but it sure is tedious. I think I'm about 2/3rds done- I still have to get some links from my RSS reader......

Thanks for the comments on the preview window thingie...the more I use it- the less I like it so I think I am going to remove the coding from my template.

Global warming?.......nah. All I know is we will be in a world of trouble if the South Pole ice all melts away.

Most normal folks woulda still been in jail from the 2003 heroin bust.

It doesn't look like it's going to be a good idea to open any e-mail file attachments for awhile.

I'm with this fellow blogger. I never go to our company's Christmas party. I really do like the folks I work with (for the most part) but I have no desire to hang out and get drunk with them.

This is an old article but it shows you how our current regime in Washington thinks.

From the Harvard Business School...........that'll be 20 cents for the donut and 9 cents for the glaze. The only pricing strategy I don't like is when a place advertises a low price on something but includes a mail-in rebate to get the low price. Mail-in rebates suck it big time.

Till later.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The War on Christmas

I'd love to kick this rabbi right in the ass. What did he think the airport was gonna do after he spoke with an attorney? For the 4% of you that don't celebrate Christmas........suck it up for one day and deal with it.

A thingamabobber..........

I added some code to my template that will give ya'll a preview of any links I put in the text.

All you have to do is put your pointer over a link and a little box pops up with a preview in a mini-browser window.

Let me know if it's useful or a pain in the ass. I thought it might be a good idea but if it's not-it will take 10 seconds to remove.

I was looking around in my settings and it says that Blogger is still in beta? Whatever, you might not see a whole lot of posts from me this week, I really want to set up my links section and I really have to budget my free time.

Christmas is bad for your Wi-Fi connection. I won't be a problem for us. We didn't bust out any decorations this year..........with my wife working 50 to 60 hours a week and me working 6 nights a week on 3rd shift, the decorations would usually stay up until March.

20 days without a PC. Could I do it? Not unless someone forcibly removed all 3 of our computers from the house. Since buying our first one back in 94........I've been addicted.

This kind of stuff is just ridiculous. Seriously, the kid is only 4 years old, what kind of message does that say about society?

Nobody was killed, but this boat was destroyed. The comments about the video are worth checking out as well.....

A fellow bike blogger has lost over 160 pounds over the past 12 months........way to go!

Old album covers from the 60's. This used to be my favorite show.

Saturday Night Live remix of Apocalypto.

Damn cows.

Peter might be a smartass or is totally clueless............I'm thinking smartass.

Here's a solution as to what to do with Dick Cheney........send him to Iraq to run the place.

After reading this.....I wonder what the hell is wrong with this country. Or more correctly....our government.

Till later.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New stuff.............

I love my toys..............

Our cellphone contract was up last month and my lovely wife surprised me with a new phone.

A phone that has a camera in it.

Now I can take random pictures of donuts at work and videos or anything else that strikes my fancy. I have to go out and buy a special USB cord to get the pictures off of the camera, the cord will probably cost 900 fact after checking with the Cingular website, it only cost 30 dollars.

Or 10 dollars at Amazon..........sorry Cingular-you guys are greedy bastards. All they want you to do is sign up for packages to e-mail your pictures to people hence the outrageous price for 3 feet of cable.

Image Hosted by
My first car was a Beetle. I loved that little thing but like most 17 year olds.....I beat it senseless. I blew up the motor at least once that I can was a fun car.

My Blogger account was upgraded, not sure what is any better but hey, it's free so I'm not complaining. It looks like I can add "tags" for different posts, I'll try putting in the words "donut" and "random stuff" and see what happens....maybe I'll put in all my links now that it was upgraded...

Our son and I ate at Taco Bell last week, I love the food even though it isn't very good for you-I'm just glad we didn't die.

What's it gonna take for Bush to pull his head out of his ass to take a look around? Things are bad and getting worse....

Seriously cool color pictures from the late 30's.

At the rate this guy is going, I'd have to keep my van for 347 years and 7 months to rack up the same mileage.

Ummmm......our wedding wasn't anything like this.

The whole family was planning to go up to our daughters school on Saturday to hang out and watch a play but our son and I got some kind of 24 hour my wife ended up driving up by herself.

Don't know exactly what I had, but it pretty much laid me out flat for most of Friday evening and Saturday. Our son faired a little better but neither one of us left the house all day Saturday.

A Marine voices his opinion.

Here's a good piece on simplicity. I loaded some of my wifes CD's on to my iPod for her to listen to. She's never used an iPod before but it took her all of 30 seconds to learn all the features. I had to read the manual on my new cellphone to figure out everything........

A good read on Bush and why he should be impeached. If the Democrats were smart, they'd start proceedings the day after they are sworn in.

This site is probably NSFW due to the ads but the video is 100% safe for's what I'd like to do the smokers that stand right outside the front door where I work.

My wife is a RN and she doesn't dress like this. Actually, the reason I posted the article was because of the food. Check out the picture of that hamburger! Notice that all the food was fried in lard? That's what is going to happen in a lot of restuarants in NYC after the trans-fat ban takes place.

Cool new layer for Google Earth. Sometimes I'll start up it up and lose track of time checking out places all over the world. I mean, seriously-you can go anywhere you want to and check stuff out.

Check out Groovy Green. Matt's a fellow bike blogger much like me; he writes about whatever crosses his mind and it's not always about bikes.... anyways, it's a nice site with some good articles.

Is this a cool table or what?

I want this guy's job.

All kinds of free software to tweak your computer and do stuff. I use some of the stuff on this list and it works great.

Finally, I saw this on Tim's site.......pretty cool, huh?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Floor stripper gives me a headache.....

I hate it when the floor crew comes into our store and strips and waxes the floors. The stuff they use smells absolutely horrid.

It's kinda hard to tell if all those chemicals have destroyed some of their brain cells because none of them speak English so it's hard to talk to them.

They all seem nice enough, but I can't imagine that they have any sinus cavities left.

This guy looks like he might shake the White House up a tad. Bush sure won't be able to fire him without looking like an idiot.

The 2008 elections are about to start. I think I'm gonna be ill.

Kids hate Santa. My favorite is #7. Santa looked like he had a hangover.

I might have linked this before, I can't really remember and I'm too lazy to check. I have a hard time passing up a Diet Coke and Mentos video.

Same thing with this video. I love security cameras. I can't believe the guy didn't hurt himself......

Sounds like our President is finally getting some reasonable advice.......I wonder if he's gonna listen to any of it?

I delivered a new laptop and a printer to a client last night and picked up his older computer to check out. It's running Windows ME which isn't supported by Microsoft any longer. Even though it's not supported, this particular computer was about 40 updates behind. I'm kinda wondering what I'm gonna find when I scan for spyware and viruses........

It's not often you're gonna find me agreeing with something Dick Cheney says......I think it's wonderful his daughter is going to have a baby. Screw the critics, it ain't none of their business anyways......

Looks like the trans-fat ban is going to happen in NYC. That's mostly good news but I bet a lot of restaurants and bakeries go back to using pure lard which isn't healthy either.

If you grew up in the 80''re gonna dig this link-The 50 Greatest Commercials of the 80's...........far out man.

Till later.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter finally arrived..........

Not sure why, but I decided to take my van to the car wash on what's probably the coldest day of the season so far. I haven't washed it for a couple of months and the inside was starting to smell like used I figure it was time.

I know I have a few readers in Alaska and one in Iceland so you folks probably think I'm a wuss........but when the windchill gets down into the 20's... I think that's way cold. Hey, I work in a bakery where it's always nice and toasty warm in the winter...whaddya expect?

I'm at least as popular as this guy. I know my mom reads me:-)

If he tried that in a McDonald's parking lot now.......his ass would get mowed over by a SUV driving soccer mom talking on her cellphone.

Today's dumb joke....

A distraught patient phoned her doctor's office. Was it
true, the woman wanted to know, that the medication the
doctor had prescribed was for the rest of her life?

She was told that it was.

There was a moment of silence before the woman continued,
"I'm wondering, then, just how serious my condition is. This
prescription is marked 'NO REFILLS.'

It wasn't that bad was it? Yeah, maybe it was. Hey, it coulda been worse.

I disagree with the first sentence in this ad. Not that there's anything wrong with that if that's what floats your boat. It just doesn't float mine.........oh, click the demo-it's pretty cool.....

Last night at work I had the rudest customer of all time and you know what I did to handle it?

I was nice to them.

Being nice to them pissed them off even more so I was even more nicer to them. What are they gonna do? Go complain that I was extra nice? Sometimes being nice is more fun then being a prick.

Don't think this couldn't happen to you? Since habeas corpus took a walk-it could happen to any of us.

Image Hosted by
Redneck Palm Pilot.....

If anyone has a spare million or me this car. Here's a little history of it's rebuilding. Some folks say this car is going to be one of the most valuable cars in existence when it's auctioned off next year.

Infrared fart video. Looks like it was a messy one.

Till later.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Get your mind out of the gutter.

Not that kind of porno...............

Bread porno..........I think I'm in love............don't get me wrong, I like making donuts and everything, but I love making bread. Something about the smell of it when it comes out of the oven and the fact that it's been around for thousands of years.
Image Hosted by
I don't know if it's the oldest profession but I'm pretty sure it's in second place. I guess it's something to do with creating something with your own hands that I like.

And every loaf is different.

Ya gotta eat.

I'm not the only person that deep fries things for a living.

There's going to be one of these close to where I work very soon. That's okay with me-I think we serve an entirely different client base. When I was a kid, my dad used to help me deliver my Sunday paper route whenever it was raining and we'd always stop at one and have breakfast when we where done. I used to like rainy Sundays......

Holy crap that's a big knife. (scroll down a bit)

My dad is gonna like this link.............Early pictures of Disneyland. He's a big, big Mickey Mouse fan. My parents have been to Disneyworld but never to Disneyland.

My wife and I have been to Disneyworld, and our daughter has been there several times, that's where she was conceived :-0

Ed has some pretty good descriptions of different types of cyclists. Me? I'm a combination of Rolling Thunderer and Clueless Bumblerbee........I love to just dwaddle along sometimes and look at stuff and randomly fart.

Just spent the weekend setting up a new laptop, printer and digital camera for a client; they had asked me if they should wait for Vista to roll out. Since I'm kinda conservative about new stuff-I told him that he can upgrade to Vista next year if he has a compelling reason to do so. Windows XP will be around for a long time.......

Apple is bringing out a phone. If you're not a geek-you have no idea who these 2 guys are. (NSFW due to a couple of F-bombs) No big deal for me-I just want a phone with a camera in it. I like having my MP3 player separate- it gets banged around a lot more then my phone does since I have it clipped to my pants pocket when I work.

Need a flashlight? This is a flashlight.

Today's art in a bottle.

Finally........this is the best video and story you will read about this week. To me-this is what Christmas is all about.

Till later.

Holiday shopping.........

I went Christmas shopping with my wife on Saturday.


Lots and lots and LOTS of people out there and they all have that "Get the hell out of my way" look on their faces.

I love shopping as long as I don't need to buy anything.............

Looks like the big thing this year are those huge high definition TVs. They sure are nice but 2500 bucks for a television is more money then I would spend on something like that.

2500 bucks for a nice computer or a bike wouldn't be out of line though. Funny how priorities work, huh?

I got some excitement last night on the way to work...........I use mostly rural back roads to get to work and as I crested a blind rise-I came up one a whole herd of deer crossing the road.

There must of been at least 2 dozen of them just taking their sweet ole time going from one field to another. I wasn't going that fast so I had plenty of time to slow down-it just startled me because I've never seen that many deer at one time.

Richard Simmons almost lights his hair on fire. What's with those "Tom Selleck" shorts anyways?

Tuscan Whole Milk. Scroll down a bit to read the comments. All 863 of them. If my daughter is reading this.........don't be a wisecracker and use my Amazon account to send me some:-)

Anybody want some Doritos?

Where have all our cold pills gone? I wonder the same thing, I get sinus headaches from time to time and if I don't like feeling like a criminal when I buy Sudafed.

Go to Caltech and get a job at McDonald's.

Benny needs a new jet. Nice. Instead of sending Benny the money-send me the money-I promise I won't spend it on stupid stuff like jets.....

.......I'll spend it on useful stuff, like some computer stuff for my business.

Till later.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

14837 kb/s

I was screwing around with my internet settings and I have the wireless connection active and a Cat 5 cable hooked up between the router and the laptop. Not sure if having both of them connected at the same time makes it that fast, but I'm not complaining.

Whenever Bush says someone is doing a great job.........they usually get fired soon after.

Maybe she oughta try wearing underwear. I'm just amazed they asked a psychoanalyst about it.

All kinds of gum. Safe for work but not exactly P.C.

Just what I need........plastic dog shit. Wait, I think my sister-in-law bought me some already, I'll have to go find it.

Our town has 3 listings.

Till later.