Saturday, September 29, 2007


Looks like we are gonna have us some great fall weather this weekend. I plan to get outside and enjoy me some nice crisp air.....

I love this article.....thanks for the link Doug.

Put him on his back? What a dumbass.

Maybe she should run for President.....she could certainly afford it.

Army of Dude has the same opinion concerning Rush Limbaugh as I do.

till later.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who'd a thunk it?

Who woulda thought we'd be cranking up the A/C this late in the year? I was out cutting the grass yesterday and I wanted to die.

Then I went to work and damn near passed out when I cleaned our donut fryer. Leave it to me to pick one of the warmest nights of the past month to be leaning over a boiling tank of water and cleaner for an hour scrubbing dirt.

What can I say, I like clean donuts.

Actually I filter our donut shortening a couple times a week and 4 times a year we completely throw everything out and clean our kettle. If you've ever eaten a donut that tasted greasy, it's because the guy in charge of filtering and cleaning the donut fryer is's a hot, dirty job.

I worked with a guy that said "Wow, you could eat off of your donut equipment" Ummm....he kinda forgot that indirectly....people do eat off of the donut equipment. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.....

With our weather here in Central PA, it will probably be 35 degrees in a couple weeks and instead of using ice in all my doughs, I'll be using warm water to make them rise faster..

Don't be a dick. Sorta NSFW due to language....

Some copy editor was a little overboard with the creativity.

Spent most of my morning online reading this excellent article.

Stay cool and love your brother....till later.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good news and bad news

The bad news is that my laptop crapped the bed.

The good news is that everything was backed up, the repairs are covered under warranty and the shipping to the repair center is free also.

It was under a recall for the past couple months but it had to actually break for it to be fixed. Kinda dumb if you ask me, but I still had almost a year for it to break so if it didn't break before time was woulda broke, if you get my drift.

We have 3 other computers, the computer I am typing this on something like 8 or 9 years old and running a version of Ubuntu, I threw some extra RAM in and it's good to go. It's not the fastest machine in the world, but it's faster then the 4 year box we have running XP with 3 times the RAM. Go figure....I guess because the only thing that's on it is XP and's pretty stripped down.

I'm glad I practice what I preach, because I woulda been seriously pissed if I didn't have backups of all my stuff because the tech support people said there is a chance they might have to format the hard drive....back up, back up, back up because it's not if you're going to have a problem, it's when you'll have a problem....

It's only a matter of time until he gets caught.'s 1975 all over again...and again.

Bush makes a surprise visit.

till later.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I don't know how to act.......

One thing bad about working retail is........the hours.

Sure, I get paid right at the very top of my pay scale so I can't complain a whole lot, but working 6 nights a week every week gets old after awhile. I took 3 nights off, which equates into 2 half days (the other part of those 2 days is spent sleeping) and 2 entire days off.

What did I do with my time off?

-I fixed a computer

-Went computer shopping for another client

-Got lost looking for sunflowers (funnest activity of the weekend)

-Watched several hours of Discovery Health (that's probably one of the best channels on TV) we watched a program on Siamese twins, one on obesity and one on dwarfism.

-Cleaned my wife's car (discovered that the acorns falling out of our trees left several dents in the hood and roof)

-Screwed around on the internets (I am a total news junkie plus I like finding weird stuff to post here)

-Showed my mom how to make a hyperlink on our church crafts blog. Yeah, go check it out-those ladies create some rockin' crafts, my mom runs the website and takes all the pics.

-Every year my parents take a picture of our kids on their birthday by the front door, so we did that this weekend. I'm not allowed to show you this year's picture of our son-but he grew about 8 inches since last year. He's as tall as me and he's only 14....yikes.

-Tweeked the handlebars around on my Surly, I'm digging the upright position mustache bars provide.

-Slept at night......I miss sleeping when it's dark out, we have a regular insect orchestra in our backyard to fall asleep to.

Ever since my mom retired and got a computer and a digital camera......she's turned into a what most folks would call a "senior citizen nerd"

Me? ....I wouldn't call her that-she ain't that old:-) But she has gotten extremely proficient with her laptop and her digital camera...

Image Hosted by
This is a picture of my parents cat...Molly

My mom treats Molly like a puppy, they go for walks around the yard and she follows my mom everywhere.

I watched this on TV.......I have no idea how he wasn't hurt worse.

I like the part about the 24 hour work week.

Today's science break.......looks like we'll have to do a much better job of getting along with each other.

Today's art break.......check out Doug's pictures, he's pretty darn good. Not sure where he comes up with his ideas, compositions and photo titles-but I love his stuff. I think Doug oughta have seminars on how to compose pictures-I know I'd go.

I know somebody will give me shit for this.......but I think it was a good idea for Columbia University to invite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak. Agree with the dude or not-it's all about critical thinking....something our country is sorely lacking.

Our son is about halfway to saving enough money to buy a Xbox 360, I know this will be the first game he plays on it-because we've had it pre-ordered for a year. I've tried playing Halo 2 with him and he always creams me....I think I'll stick to driving games.

Maybe this guy is gay or maybe he isn''s not a big deal to me, but it sure is interesting watching him try to squirm out of a ticket. I guess he shoulda thought about that before he allegedly gave hand signals to an undercover cop under a stall divider.

Mmmmm....chocolate for breakfast.

I think we'll stick to crappy regular TV for awhile.

Stupidity in action.

I told it to take a dump on the sofa but it didn't listen.

My wife says I swear too much on this blog........can't help it this time-this is one bad ass.

I bet you'll watch this more then once.

Here's why I'm such an asshole to smokers when I have to breathe their second hand smoke.

Chuck Norris doesn't blend....more here.

Till later.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Corn.......lots of corn.

My lovely wife and I took a nice little trip on Saturday to check out a sunflower farm. One of Janet's co-workers wrote up a fairly decent set of directions, only leaving off the final turn. We ended up going down progressively narrower and narrower roads.

All I could think of was "I'm gonna make you squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee! " with banjo music playing in the background.....actually, it wasn't that bad.

We ended up at a state park in northern Maryland.

Image Hosted by
Neither one of us had heard of this park but it looked pretty nice and one thing's for sure-it's isolated.

We eventually found the sunflower farm, but alas......the sunflowers were past their peak bloom and looked kinda tired.

Image Hosted by
No matter, it was a gorgeous day for a drive.

The only thing we really noticed driving through northern Maryland is all the corn. Not sure if that's why everyone from Maryland buys houses in Pennsylvania or what, but I figure there is no where for Marylanders to live because of all the corn so they move to PA.

There is corn everywhere, maybe you folks in Maryland oughta pave over a few fields instead of paving over southern York County. The disparity in housing down in Maryland was hilarious, you can see multi million dollar compounds right next to folks living in rusted out trailers.

Whateves, as long as it works for them, I guess that's all that matters.

How to sell ..............a slightly non P.C. story.

A young zealous boy wanted desperately to work at a department store.

He approached the store manager who responded they needed no help. Quite persistent, the boy returned again and again until the manager finally said "We're having a holiday sale tomorrow. Why don't you show up and you can give it a try."

The elated boy returned the following day and proceeded to sell.

At the end of the day the store manager called the youngster over and asked how he had done. The boy responded that he had sold $79,083.50 worth of merchandise. The manager asked how he had done so well.

The young man said, "Well this guy was going fishing so I asked if he wanted some fish hooks, he said sure, That's $1.50. I asked if he had a nice fishing pole, he said no, so I got a graphite extension pole for $43.50. Do you have a nice reel, not yet replied the customer... so I got him a nice quick release reel for $35.00. I asked here he was going fishing and he said Strawberry Reservior. I told him the best places to catch fish are near the center, "Do you have a boat?" The man said he didn't so I set him up with a nice outboard 30 foot cruiser for $28,000.00. Then I asked if he had a trailer. He didn't, so I got him a double axle trailer for $3,000.00. Then I asked what he had to tow the boat. He only had a station wagon, so I told him that just wouldn't do, but we could get him a nice fully loaded Dodge Ram dually, racked and packed with a tow package, trailer hitch and everything for $48,000.00.

He wanted it all."

As you can imagine the store manager was astounded. "And to think it all began with that man asking for a package of fish hooks?"

The boy replied, "Oh no, it all began with him asking for some tampons which were $3.50, so I replied, "Well you aren't going to be doing much else this weekend, you might as well go fishing!"

I don't know about you, but I'm just about burned out on listening to Presidential candidates talking just for the sake of hearing their own voices.

You just know this is gonna turn into a colossal media circus.

Sometimes it's better to be lucky then good.

I have an idea.......let the Federal Government run out of money for a whole year........what's the worst thing that would happen?

till later.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm tarred.........

Been working 6 nights a week plus computer stuff for the past few weeks.....really looking forward to having this weekend off to decompress.

My trusty assistant (our son) and I are going out to shop for computer stuff for a client this weekend. I really enjoy hooking people up with nice new stuff. It's not my money, but I enjoy finding the best buys for my clients.

We went to the new Best Buy to have a look around.....lots of stuff and lots of bored looking salespeople. The store wasn't all that busy, I'm sure that will change as Christmas draws nearer.

How does an armless man get into a fistfight?

Just wondering....

till later.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Try not to get killed in front of my house.....

Around our neighborhood, we have lots of senior citizens who like to walk for exercise and lots of young families that have babies in strollers. For some reason, some of them walk in the street instead of using the sidewalk.

When I stepped out to check the mail on Monday.....I witnessed a near collision between a car and some dumbass mom wearing headphones walking with her double wide stroller damn near in the middle of the street.

She asked me for a description of the car..........I told her she oughta use the sidewalk because she was jaywalking and an lady got hit right in front of our house a few years ago doing the same thing. Go ahead and call me "Mr Compassion" but she's damn lucky her self entitled ass or her babies didn't get creamed.

If I remember correctly, that particular jaywalker got a trip to the hospital and a ticket....yeah, yeah I know-I should read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" but I call it like I see it. All I know is the old lady that got hit bled like a stuck pig (I remember her blood running down the gutter) because her head damn near went through the windshield of the car that hit her.

Needless to say, I'm fairly popular with the neighbors.........

I put my Redline Monocog on Facebook a few weeks ago to see if I could sell it...........

Here's a reply I got yesterday.....

Hello, How are u doing today? so i saw ur item on classifield, so i want to buy it, so all i need from u is honest, really i need to ask some question abt this item 1. wht is the condition of this item? 2. Did u accept cashier check? 3. Can u wire the rest funds on check to my shipping company? 4. Can u wire it through western union? 5. Can u send me ur full name and address with phone number for the payment? 6. final price of it and email me to So wht is there is that dont worry ur self abt shipping of this item because i have my own shipping company that will come for the item pick from u when the check clears so like i said in the early that all i need from u is honest, so when u get the check just deduct ur money and wire the rest funds to my shipping company for the item pick up fee, so hope to hear from asap................ok SO GET BACK TO ME WITH FULL NAME AND ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER SO I CAN SO THE CHECK TO YOU SEND THE PAYMENT TO YOU SO MAIL ME TO MY BOX ( PLZ MALI ME TO MY BOX........ mentoro0027 PLZ EMAIL ME TO MY BOX THIS MY ID.PLZ SO WILL CAN TALK PLZ EMAIL ME TO MY BOX THIS MY ID.PLZ SO WILL CAN TALK

Maybe I'll send them this to tell them what I think of their proposal. I can't stand people that use internet shorthand when they are trying to conduct the fact that the deal they are proposing is the oldest scam in the book.

How the heck do you not see the train.

This guy almost woke up dead.

Today's photography break....old pictures of NYC.

Now I'm not saying that being stubborn can't be a virtue at times....but I woulda just handed over my 50 cents.

You might be a redneck if............

It's like throwing a nickel up in the air and having it land on it's edge.

A simple guide to your its and it's.

Today's picture break Part 2..........The Milky Way from Death Valley.

I am so happy I don't have to fly on our airlines.

I'm thinking Whoopie is about ready to stab herself in the face for agreeing to co-host The View.........gotta be the one of the dumbest shows on TV.

Interesting statistic.

Sounds good on paper. I'd be happy if he just left the middle classes taxes alone, increased taxes for the wealthy and gave the poor a break.

After would be nice to not leave a 900 gazillion dollar deficit for our kids and grandkids to pay off.

till later.........

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fun times at the supermarket.....

There's just something about working the overnight shift on Saturdays....

-I had a couple ask me in broken English if they could get a wedding cake made while they waited. I told them they couldn't unless they wanted it made out of donuts.

-A woman with (I think) a very heavy Russian accent asked me to write something Russian on a loaf of bread.....what, they don't have birthday cakes in Russia?

-There was a football game going on in the parking lot.

-A very nice lady asked me to sell her 75 frozen blueberry bagels...that was no problem-we had extra in our freezer.

Something about being in grocery stores must make people rather amorous.........I saw several couples wandering around groping each other........get a room people.

......I get paid for this? It's almost fun to come to work.

Here are some of my favorite web sites.............. things tech.

Boing the tagline says...A directory of wonderful things.

Gearlog........gadgets for geeks.

Growabrain..........a blog with all kinds of weird links.

Reddit.........all kinds of interesting links.

Slate.......politics and such.

Neatorama........all kinds of fun stuff.

The Angry Pharmacist...........he speaks the truth about what it's like to work in a retail pharmacy.

Mental Floss..........links that make you think.

Fark.....all the weird news that fits.

Waiterrant............I love this guy.

The York County Social Cycling Union.....where some of my friends get together for social rides.

AlterNet..........politics and stuff that will piss you off if you're not a nutjob liberal.

The Huffington Post..........kinda like AlterNet, but tamer.

Podcast Alley........find all kinds of podcasts here.

PublicRadioFan...........every PBS podcast available is listed here.

Imaging-Resource............awesome digital camera review website.

Download Squad.........geek stuff. stuff and more.

Democracy and politics with a little critical thinking thrown in.

Next time I'll post up some of my favorite podcasts.....

Pluto flips out at Disneyworld. Don't know why he was chasing that kid....the kid probably deserved it.

These kids are pretty damn cool in my book.

Earth really isn't that big in the scheme of things.....

I feel absolutely no pity for this woman....or this one.

Today's science are here.

Yay........Britney is sure to win Mom of the Year for 2007.

A 35 dollar pencil.

This dude is lucky he ain't dead after he had a serious case of brain fade.

................I was working on my father-in-laws old computer this weekend. By old, I mean Windows 95a. This puppy has an huge 1.1 gig hard drive and a screaming 16 megs of RAM.

Image Hosted by
Heck, it even has a "turbo" button on the front, so it's totally badass. Hit the turbo button and she'll run at a blistering 100mhz....

I was pulling some old files off the hard drive so they are backed up....I'm gonna tell him to send this puppy to the graveyard.

till later....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

No helmet.......

I found out my nephew wasn't wearing a helmet when he got hit by a car the other day. Not the brightest move in my opinion. You can bet I'll be talking to him the next time I see him. I'm not sure it will do any good because as we all know-when you're 20 years are way smarter then old geezers like me. Maybe I oughta let him talk to my friend the ER nurse-he's seen plenty of head wounds caused by bare head hitting bare pavement.

For the last 2 months my wireless hasn't been working on my laptop and I really haven't been able to figure out why it suddenly stopped. Turns out that if you put the wireless switch to "on" instead of "off" .....the wireless works really good.

I'm such a dumbass.

At least I learned a lesson-always start with the simple stuff and work your way up from there. I tend to go all "rocket scientist" when I look at problems.....gotta step away from the trees and see more of the forest.

The York Fair is happening this week. In case you aren't from York County........lots of people like this guy show up to eat fried things on sticks, check out farm equipment and ride rickety overpriced rides. It's a great place to go to do some people watching, my wife and I are going to try and slip out on Sunday-I'll take some pics.

I dunno.......this seems like a good way to get shot by an irate motorist. Most of the traffic already goes about 10 mph over the speed limit where I live, so I'm not really in that much more of a hurry.

None of this really surprises me.

This is kinda sad, but a sawed off shotgun woulda been a helluva lot easier.

I'm guessing he wasn't too hard to identify?

You may or may not agree with all these quotes, but some of them are pretty good.

A couple people have asked me where I find some of the stuff I post about. I'll link up some of my sources over the weekend.....

till later.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Video: Anti-War Minister Is Attacked, Gets Leg Broken for Trying to Enter Petraeus Hearing

This is just flat out messed up.

AlterNet: Blogs: Video: Anti-War Minister Is Attacked, Gets Leg Broken for Trying to Enter Petraeus Hearing


One of my nephews wiped out on his fixie, not too sure of the details at this point but he's gonna be fine.

I think he sprained a couple of fingers and is bruised up some and his bike is trashed....but it coulda been worse.

He hit the side of a car, not sure if the car pulled out in front of him or what, it doesn't really matter-the fact that he didn't get run over is more important.

He's almost 20 years old and doesn't have his license yet-the dude rides everywhere he needs to go.

You have to admire that, just keep an eye out for those cars nephew.

Seems like a good idea, but I don't see "donut" listed anywhere.

This also seems like a good idea....if you want to shorten up your lifespan. I love the valve covers.

Freeganism........all I know is that I wouldn't consume anything out of the dumpster behind our store. We toss chemicals in with the garbage to keep down the smell.

We need one of these where I work. We don't need it for unhappy would be just for me.

till later

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

6 years..........

Yup, it's been 6 years since a bunch of guys decided to fly some planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Somerset. Plenty of places to read up on that if you choose.

I'll save you from my opinion on the whole thing and the way it's been handled. If you're a regular reader of this blog-you already know how I feel about the whole situation anyways.

I took a nice little ridey-ride Monday, I left the house around 9 AM and rode for about 2 hours. I did a few errands and checked out the newest mega strip mall going up near us. I'm just amazed that there are enough people around to support all the new shops going in.

I watched someone rear end someone, a girl was talking on her cellphone and destroyed the front of her new (still had the temp tag in the window) car. She hit a delivery truck, the step bumper from the truck went completely into her grille. I was on my bike, I probably shoulda stopped to give the delivery truck driver my info in case he needed a witness, but I wasn't going to cross 4 lanes of rubbernecking traffic to give the guy my info.

Anyways......rode about 20 miles and sweated my ass off. I'm ready for a little fall weather action.

Britney makes me proud to be an American.......not. What is it with her and underwear?

This guy has some good ideas concerning computer security. If everyone followed all his recommendations, I'd have a lot less business.

The End of Serenity

"Lick Me in the Ass"...........a composition by Mozart.

Today's science break is all about some water under a whole lotta ice.

till later.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Grandma learns how to use the Internets....

I got my mothers-in-laws laptop all done up for her.....made it pretty simple, all she has to do is click on the Internet Explorer icon once to start it. I configured the browser so her home page is iGoogle with her weather, news, and e-mail just a click away. It's gonna take her a little while till she's comfortable with everything, but I think she's going to enjoy being able to read the news, get weather alerts, etc.

I know I said I wasn't going to complain about the heat at work anymore, but this weekend.....I wasn't felling 100% to start with so I just about died Saturday night at work with the heat from 2 ovens, a donut fryer and a room size humidity box. I made it through about 6 hours and called it a night. I like summer and everything, but some cool weather would be nice....

Also working on one of my brother-in-laws computers. It's about 8 years old and chances are it's fried. I did manage to get all his family pics and documents off the hard drive but the OS (Windows ME) won't even boot now. I'm in the middle of formatting it and reinstalling the OS, but I think it might be time for my brother-in-law to do some computer shopping.

Mmmmm chocolate. That looks like some good stuff.

Someone at Sony must be smoking crack. Maybe they oughta check out what Apple's been doing for the last 5 years or so.

It's always a good idea to back up your data........this guy wished he did.

This internet stuff is cool.

Till later.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

New computer..........

No not me, my mother-in-law has a new laptop and I am in the middle of setting it up for her. Actually, my father-in-law bought it for the downstairs area of their house and is hoping my mother-in-law will use it. I'm setting it up with large icons and making it so she only has to single click on stuff for it to open.

It's the first time she's ever used a computer, so I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for her to use. I think my mom is going to show her some cool stuff at some point....I know my mom had no idea how much stuff was out there before she got her computer a couple years ago-I think she'll really enjoy it once she gets into a little bit.

Whatever, all I know is that I have pretty spiffy in-laws, so I'll make sure the laptop is uptight and outasight before I take it over to their house and set it up.

I know lots of folks don't get along with their in-laws or even their own parents for that matter....I am a lucky guy-I have great parents and I couldn't ask for better in-laws.

I love working on the weekends....some asshole set off the fire alarm in our store. Not that big a deal, except I happened to be standing less then 3 feet away from on of the alarm speakers. I came very close to soiling my trousers. Of course the fire department shows up with about 15 guys dressed in full battle gear and you could tell they were just dying to poke holes in things to see if they could find a fire somewhere.

One more thing about working weekends......right around 2 AM all the bars close and we get all the drunks on their way home.....ain't nothing more fun then screwing around with drunk people.

If I woulda bought an iPhone, I'd be asking....Steve, where's my other hundred dollars?

You'll find this funny....unless you are a U.S. Senator.

This infomercial was on TV when I came home from work this morning....the guy on TV said I have 15 pounds of extra poo in my colon.....I knew I was full of it.

Today's science break..... get your swim fins on.

till later.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm damn lucky............

A family friend of ours stopped by work yesterday and said hi. He had just put an application for part-time work and asked me to put in a good word for him.

The guy has a kid in college that's basically paying her own way and another kid at home. The dude already works 50+ hours a week and hasn't gotten a raise in 7 years.

What sucks is that the family doesn't live extravagantly (mom and dad both work), they have a modest house and drive beater cars.

Why does everyone say the economy is doing great? While my wife and I have jobs in relatively stable fields, not everyone is so fortunate....gotta count my blessings.

Catholics need referees at Mass. Who knew?

High speed Segway chase. The cop turned the throttle to "donut" and caught the crook.

Customer service done wrong. I suppose that if your job is to specifically dick over your customers....then job well done.

Another candidate joins the race. I don't know about you folks....but I am getting kinda burnt out with presidential candidates. They all look the same to me....even Hillary.

If I bought an iPhone when they came out.....I'd be pissed.

Bank of Penis?

till later.

New neighbors.....

We had some new neighbors move in behind us recently. Not too sure but I think they have 3 young boys and their main form of recreation is screaming and beating the crap out of each other with tree branches. I sure hope they aren't being home schooled or mom is gonna get a visit from me the first time they wake me up at "recess"......

I'm not really a fan of home schooling, I think the social interaction with other kids helps with forming social skills. Besides, (IMHO) if you don't have a degree in education-you aren't really qualified to teach your kids anyways. Go ahead and send me your cards and letters, but that's how I see it.

What the hell do I know, I was an only child......

When life hands you lemons....make lemonade.

It was mildly amusing at first....but this is just flat-out mean.

I think I am missing my calling....I work in a store full of food, I should be able to figure out something out to deep fry besides donuts.

A little geek humor.....

A physicist, a biologist, and a mathematician are sitting in a café and notice people going into and coming out of the house across the street.

First they see two people going into the house.

Time passes.

After a while, they notice three persons coming out of the house.

The physicist: "The measurement was not accurate."

The biologist: "They have reproduced."

The mathematician: "If one person enters the house, then it will be empty again."

I'm out.

till later.

Monday, September 03, 2007

I woke up Sunday afternoon with one serious headache. You know the kind where it feels like there is someone in your head with a jackhammer pounding away?

I had one of those.

I'm pretty sure some of it was a caffeine rebound headache and part of it was allergy related and part of it was only sleeping 4 hours.

Kinda bummed, we missed a good party Sunday afternoon. My friend Hank always throws great parties and his wife is an awesome cook. Maybe next time......

I did spend part of the afternoon puttering around the garage and cleaning up my van. I haven't hand washed it for a few months and it really needed it....I was amazed at how many dings and dents I managed to collect over the past 8 years. By the time our son gets it in a couple years...hopefully he won't add too many more.

till later.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Summer's over........

Well, it isn't over until the end of September but most of the hot weather is probably a done deal at this point. Summer used to be my favorite season of the year, but as I get older-I find myself not enjoying the hot weather nearly as much as I used to.

Fall is a great time of year, it's got the best weather of all the seasons....not too hot and not too cold.

I just wish the best part of it lasted longer then 2 months.

By the time November rolls's starting to get cold and most of the leaves are gone from the trees.

Being that it is Labor Day wife and I are celebrating by working. I worked Sunday and she's working Monday.

I always spend a few minutes reading Google News in the morning after I come home from work.........I'm just wondering-how'd this country get so screwed up? Just about all the news is about corruption, death and Mr Wide Stance resigning as he stands on a soda crate.

I didn't win, but I think I coulda did okay on just 46 million. That would be enough to set up an education trust for any and every family member, long lost cousin and friend I ever had. And we'd still have plenty to retire on.

Today's art break.

till later.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bush bailout pledge gets cool reception in L.A.

Bush bailout pledge gets cool reception in L.A.

Sometime I think our government is staffed by retards. I don't want to offend mentally handicapped folks....they have more common sense then some of the people running the show in DC.