Monday, January 30, 2006

My wife and I finally made it down to Hunt Valley in Maryland to visit that new store I was talking about a couple weeks ago. Wow. First off, the place was PACKED with people. No room to push a cart even. They have seriously nice perishable departments. As nice as it is, I'm glad there isn't one around here, I'd hate to have to compete with them.

This guy really doesn't like Ikea. My wife and I have been there and we love the place. If I was rich, I'd pay someone to assemble all the stuff I bought. The only mechanical things I like playing around with anymore are bikes.

A Napolean Dynamite soundboard. One of my favorite movies.

Are smarter people better at ignoring things? I have a fairly high IQ (honest, I do) now I don't feel so bad about being so absent minded.

This video clip is about 15 minutes long. It's from Top Gear and they try to destroy a pick-up truck. Amazing.

Lots of cool 1950's cars, decor and advertisments.

I wanted to do a road ride this morning. I mean I really wanted to ride but it was just to darn wet and foggy for it to be safe. I'm sure if I was younger and dumber-I woulda hit it but 46 year old bones take alot longer to heal then 26 year old bones. There will always be another time.......

It's the end of January and it's 50 degrees outside as I type this. I'm wondering how warm August is going to be.....

That is one ugly cat.

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Till later.

Friday, January 27, 2006


I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts last night. Andrew Coffey visited a day spa in his latest update.

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Not too sure about the whole metrosexual thing, but having a good shave, a haircut and a massage might be okay once and awhile.

I'm pretty sure I'm not a metrosexual because........

-I drive a mini-van. Why? Because it fits all my bikes and stuff on the inside without getting anything wet or stolen. I'm 46, I really don't give a shit what people think of my ride.

-I have a chopper. Okay, it's a bicycle chopper, but it's still a chopper.

-I only shave once or twice a week. And that's the only area of my body that gets shaved. I've never considered getting my back hair waxed. Wax is for candles.

-The only skin, hair or shaving care product I use is a bar of soap. Why spend money on multiple products when one 23 cent bar of soap gets the job done.

-I don't perspire.....I sweat.

-I wear tighty whiteys. I have some boxers as well, I pretty much wear whatever is on top in my dresser drawer.

-I like macaroni and cheese. And bologna sandwiches.

-And finally, I've never, ever considered shaving my balls. Listen to the podcast for more info on "manscaping"

The only thing I do that might remotely be considered "metro" is wearing lycra when I am out playing roadie on my road bike but that internal padding is so nice.................

I love this. People that steal stuff usually aren't very smart.

I blogged this last year, this is the 2006 edition. I can't imagine climbing up something like that. Check out the web cam.

I wish bicycle bells worked like this in America. Nothing pisses me off more then when I'm out riding trails and I come across some guy with 3 unleashed and undisciplined dogs. Sure I like dogs but not when they are trying to bite my ankles.

I was off work this day and happened to watch it live. Something I'll never forget.

NSFW (due to language) but that ain't gonna stop me from posting it.

That's one way to stop hiccups. Kinda harsh if you ask me.

That all for now.........

Thursday, January 26, 2006


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Don't get mad at me.

Our daughter was the one who put the gerbil down on the floor so the cat could give it a heart attack. I just hope that screen doesn't give way or that gerbils life expectancy will be measured in seconds...............

Till later........

Chew your food............

Last night as I was eating a turkey sandwich, I must have gotten a peice of turkey lodged in my esophagus. I didn't really feel anything, but when I went to take a drink of was like overfilling a sport bottle. It all came back out and down the front of my shirt.

I could breathe fine, just couldn't swallow anything.

This alarmed me.

After I got the situation resolved, I had an extremely sore throat. Luckily I wasn't training anyone at work last night or I woulda had a very difficult time talking to them.

My friend Mark stopped by work and dropped off a floppy drive for me (Thanks Mark!) and I wanted to chat some but I could feel my throat starting to close up.

Moral of the story.........chew your food. I usually eat like a caveman but I know I chewed my food this time.

If I wake up dead from choking...........that would be a bad thing.

I think I am going to eat nothing but oatmeal and a few P-nut M&M's for dinner when I come home in the morning. It's healthier then having a couple of sandwiches, cookies or whatever else is in the fridge I can scrounge up.

I am determined to get back in really good shape by May.

............even if it hurts. And I'm sure it will.

I really like this page. I used to own a VW and my dream was to turn it into one of those Meyers-Manx dune buggys. Gave the Dub to my parents and bought a Maverick. Check out the links at the bottom of the page as well, there are some great pics of what Cali used to look like.

This guy lives in the Netherlands and has a very interesting podcast. It's not for everyone, but he interviewed an American GI about to go over to Afganistan. Very interesting. Totally disputes what this guy is spewing.

It'll take you a little while to get through the whole list but it proves one thing. Just because you have money doesn't mean you know how to spend it.

Today's science break. I know I am very absent minded and can be somewhat "spaced out" (my wife calls me Mr Oblivious) but that guy is way worse then I am. I'm sure glad science learned something from the poor guy.

Yet another off-color joke..........

An elderly couple is enjoying an anniversary dinner together in a small tavern. The husband leans over and asks his wife, "Do you remember the first time we had sex together over fifty years ago? We went behind this tavern where you leaned against the fence and I made love to you.

"Yes," she says, I remember it well.

"Ok," he says, "How about taking a stroll round there again and we can do it for old time's sake.

"Oooooooh Henry, you devil, that sounds like a good idea," she answers.

There's a police officer sitting in the next booth listening to all this, and having a chuckle to himself. He thinks, "I've got to see these two old-timers having sex against a fence. I'll just keep an eye on them so there's no trouble." So he follows them.

They walk haltingly along, leaning on each other for support, aided by walking sticks. Finally they get to the back of the tavern and make their way to the fence.

The old lady lifts her skirt, takes her knickers down and the old man drops his trousers. She turns around and as she hangs on to the fence, the old man moves in.

Suddenly they erupt into the most furious sex that the watching policeman has ever seen. They are bucking and jumping like eighteen-year-olds. This goes on for about forty minutes!

She's yelling, "Ohhh, God!" He's hanging on to her hips for dear life.

This is the most athletic sex imaginable.

Finally, they both collapse panting on the ground. The policeman is amazed. He thinks he has learned something about life that he didn't know. After about half an hour of lying on the ground recovering, the old couple struggle to their feet and put their clothes back on. The policeman, still watching thinks, that was truly amazing, he was going like a train. I've got to ask him what his secret is.

As the couple pass, he says to them, "That was something else. You must have been having sex for about forty minutes. How do you manage it? You must have had a fantastic life together. Is there some sort of secret?"

The old man says, "Fifty years ago that wasn't an electric fence."


I'm guessing this guy wouldn't do well on American Idol.

Thanks for readin'

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I guessed #1 correctly...........

50 most annoying people of 2005.

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Jesus' short water polo career.

I hate those "mail-in" rebates. I hope everyone follow's Best Buy's lead.

My friend Will is into RC stuff. I bet he digs this link. Me? I'd be happy if my lawn mower flew away and never came back.

Posting this mostly for my mom to read. Phishing explained.

80 mph and no brakes? I don't think so.

The rules of "Hooking Up". Damn, I must be old. I've been quite happily married for almost 25 years, I've never heard of this hooking up stuff before. If you are my daughter and you are reading this-don't click the link:-)

What Would Jesus Buy..............I am so gonna burn.

Barbie goes on an adventure. Not quite P.C.

This is why Bush does nearly all of his speeches on military bases.

This will be great as long as you don't mind skid marks.

As I was going to work last night, it rained, snowed, sleeted, thundered and hailed. All in a 10 minute drive. I love winter.

till later.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hit the dirt.............

Our son and I went to our local Mtb club's trailwork yesterday. I kinda forgot how much hard work clearing brush is. Pretty cool though, nearly 20 folks showed up and we managed to clear a new loop that replaces a "fall line" trail. Needless to say, I slept real good last night.

Woke up and looked at the forecast-rain all day today. They are calling for over an inch, I know some of the folks reading this would like that rain to be all snow but I'm okay with the wet stuff.

Our daughter is headed down to DC today to participate in the March for Life, looks like she is gonna get a little damp but I'm sure that won't matter to any of the folks that are headed that way. Beats having to drive there in a snowstorm.

This article is so true. One of my co workers has a 4 year degree and they can't spell, write complete sentences or figure out anything to do with math.......I think he kinda wasted his parent's money.

I found another blog by someone that writes and rides in Alaska. I don't know how those folks ride in such cold conditions but it sure is excellent reading! Good stuff.

Penn Gillette has a podcast. Here is the feed for you to plug into your aggregator. You either love his work or he pisses you off, so don't blame me if he isn't your cup of tea.

WARNING-GEEK CONTENT....... Anyone remember this? I don't. I only go back to Windows 3.11

This has been around for awhile, but it's still a really neat illusion.

I make donuts for a living so I'm not all up to date on science stuff, but this might get my attention if I was considering buying a new hybrid vehicle.

Cat fight. Little cat vs big cat. Guess which one worries-it's not violent.

Fatal1ty on 60 minutes. Don't know who this guy is? You do if you are under the age of 18 and play video games. I remember buying an Atari 2600 back in the 70's. If I coulda made a living at it, maybe I would have played more.

Starbucks rant. I actually like Starbucks, I just can't afford 5 bucks for a cup of coffee every day.

"I oppose American politics totally, but what does food have to do with it? Syrian's just love chicken.

I feel their pain............NOT.

A joke.........


It was entertainment night at the Senior Center and the Amazing Claude was topping the bill. People came from miles around to see the famed hypnotist do his stuff. As Claude went to the front of the meeting room, he announced, "Unlike most hypnotists who invite two or three people up here to be put into a trance, I intend to hypnotize each and every member of the audience." The excitement was almost electric as Claude withdrew a beautiful antique pocket watch from his coat. "I want you each to keep your eye on this antique watch. It's a very special watch. It's been in my family for six generations."

He began to swing the watch gently back and forth while quietly chanting. "Watch the watch, watch the watch, watch the watch . . ". The crowd became mesmerized as the watch swayed back and forth, light gleaming off its polished surface. Hundreds of pairs of eyes followed the swaying watch, until, suddenly, it slipped from the Hypnotist's fingers and fell to the floor, breaking into pieces. "SHIT", said the Hypnotist.

It took three days to clean up the Senior Center.

Till later....

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sawed all the damn trees down.....

Turns out our neighbor to the rear of us had almost all the trees removed from his yard. Damn shame because I think trees really add character to a property.

Our backyard is covered in shade during the summer with all our trees. This is good for several reasons.......... I don't have to mow very often back there which adds to the pool time and riding time, it keeps the house fairly cool until it gets really hot outside and they just look pretty.

Sure, I'll be pissed when one of the huge oak trees back there falls onto the house and crushes me to death when I am asleep someday, if I live, it will give me something to blog about.

I haven't weighed myself since I started to lose weight, but I am in 2 belt notches and only have 3 more notches to go until I am back to were I was last spring. Not doing anything radical, just watching what I eat in the mornings before I go to bed.

Most of the time.

I did have some low fat pizza for breakfast this morning......

Our son had this really awesome recipe for strawberrry smoothies, we made them last night before I went to work. One note: when you are using a blender to make smoothies.....don't stick a wooden spoon into it when it's running.........or you'll have to strain your smoothies through a strainer to remove the extra "fiber".

If I never read about the "War on Terror" again...........that would be okay with me. I realize that the problem isn't going to go away, but somebody down there in Washington has gotta realize that trying to kill all the terrorists is like playing "Whack-A-Mole".
Image Hosted by
You kill one terrorist and 4 more pop up to take his place.

Ask Israel how their war on terror is going.............

I haven't played with this yet, but it looks like it could be fun if you are into digital photography.

This site here will bail you out if you can't figure out what file extension to use to open a file. I've used it more then once.

How damn cool is this? ............pretty damn cool I'd say.

This dude is a hardcore Apple geek. Put your mouse in the picture and click on all the little boxes.

How fast are you? Find out here.

Worst video ever. Trust me, it's bad. Really bad. SFW vid on a NSFW site.

Seeya round...............

Friday, January 20, 2006

Sometimes working 3rd shift is a pain in a the ass.

Working 3rd shift isn't for everyone. Most folks have a hard time going to sleep in the daytime, I don't have that problem. Except for when the neighbor to the rear of us have a tree removed and they use one of those high powered chipper for all the branches. Damn, those things make alot of noise.

All that was quickly forgotten though because when I woke up, I found out that our daughter got a FULL RIDE at De Sales University for their P.A program.

Are we proud parents?

Oh yeah.

Words can't describe how awesome the feeling is. Since I never went to college and now we have a daughter that someday is gonna make a difference...........

I can hardly wait to see what surprises our son has in store for us when he goes to college in 5 years....

Till later.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

American Idol.......

Anyone seen the show "American Idol"? On the surface, it looks like a really dumb show. I don't get to watch all of it due to my work schedule, but I have been enjoying to last two nights were they have been holding auditions.

There are a few truly talented people and mostly folks that think they are talented. Maybe I have a warped sense of humor, but I love it when Simon crushes the hopes and dreams of the mediocre.

One thing that stands out for me is how people dress. Let's be blunt-if you are overweight.......dress like you are overweight. Ruben Studdard would be a good example of how to dress when you are "large framed".

Daisy Duke shorts and bare midriffs ain't gonna get it done when you are carrying around some extra poundage. I ain't picking on fat people, just look in the mirror before you go out of the house. The next American Idol won't be dressing like trailer trash............that's reserved for Britney.

You gotta love the Golden Palace. At least the money was donated to charity. I wonder how the woman that had the tattoo is doing? I don't know, 15,000 bucks isn't a whole lot of money to get a permanent tattoo on my face. If it was me? I'd give them an ass cheek or two for 15 grand but that's about it. I have my dignity. I could buy a lot of bike candy for 15 grand though........

I know I bash on the Bush administration quite a bit, so here's something that they are doing right. I'd really like to see Condi run for President, she is one smart cookie.

Today's science break.

Till later...........

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Any computer geeks out there?

Anyone know of a freeware program that will work in Windows ME that will delete or format the entire drive? I want to start with a clean slate on my old computer when I install Ubuntu. Window's ME is like a virus you can't kill.

I tried changing around the boot order so that the CD-ROM drive boots first but I can't get my Ubuntu Linux disc to boot before Windows starts.

Maybe I'll slap the computer upside the hard drive or used to work for my old TV.

This looks like it could be a fun program. I see that you can run Linux inside of Windows, maybe I'll try that for laughs and giggles.

My wife makes me take one everyday.

Somebody oughta take Bush out behind the wood shed and slap some sense into his ass. Ask any pharmacist in America and I'm sure they'd volunteer to do the slapping.

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Cool socks eh?

I may have socks that are more colorful, but I don't have any socks this classy. Until now, that is.........thanks Tim. Oh, about those donuts.......donuts don't mail well, we're gonna have to wait until you visit Will at Ed's Ski and Cycle.

People like to complain. Had some guy comment to me at the mini mart this morning while I was getting my wife's coffee that he sure was tired off all the rain we are getting. I told him to look on the bright side............ at least you don't have to shovel rain.

If all the rain we have received since the beginning of the year was snow, it would be asshole deep to a giraffe.

I say this alot on my blog............."I'm not the smartest guy in the world............but" the mid-term election is about 10 months from now. Do the guys in Washington think the American people are gonna forget about all this crap by then? My gut feeling? Lots of Congressmen will be looking for work in 2007.

I think I've mentioned this before, but Jill has some awesome pics and content on her blog. Not sure how she gets all those miles in, she is way tougher then me. I'm a cold weather wuss.

Image Hosted by
Somebody at my daughter's high school had some fun over the weekend. That's a canoe up there.

Til later........

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Poor cat............

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We took Belle back to the vet Monday morning to have it spayed. Not sure if that is gonna make the cat more jumpy or less jumpy. Right now, she has attached herself to our daughter and loves to hang out on Katie's bad.

She is one of the most nervous cats I've ever seen. Not sure what the first 6 months of her life were like, but I'm imagining that they weren't very pleasant.

I pity the poor dogs at the vet that were brought in to have their dangly bits snipped off. I bet they won't be wagging their tails later today...........

If you are into podcasts and into photography, check out the podcast from my buddy Ed Hidden. Super nice guy and he knows what he is talking about.........I dig the new hair color Ed:-)

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I love these posters.

Stopped at Burger King for breakfast on the way home. How come the stuff you get there never looks like the pictures on the menu boards????
Image Hosted by
Here's a picture of what I bought. Nice picture huh?

Image Hosted by
Here's what I bought. Same sandwich as above. Good job BK. I can just feel the love that went into this masterpiece. Come to think of it, every sandwich Burger King makes looks like someone sat on it before they serve it.

I wonder if they had any land in the sand.............

Have a laptop? Watch this.

I guess they ain't kidding when they tell you not to wear a watch when you get an MRI.

When you think about this for a minute, it does kinda make you wonder. I just make donuts for a living so I'm not smart about engineering, but those other levees look pretty darn impressive.

I think I'd pop a cap into his ass. NSFW due to ads on the page.

Till later tater.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Lazy and cold........

Figures the entire week was mild and when I got off work Saturday morning, it was raining, windy and cold. At least it stopped raining Saturday. I wussed out on riding at Michuax Sunday, since by the time Sunday morning rolled around, it was in the upper 20's and windy. So much so, that it was making a whistling sound against the windows.

We had all kinds of branches fall out of our trees, at least none of them hit the house. Bonus.

As for our plans Sunday, they got blown off as well, my wife and I both took a nap Sunday afternoon and I didn't wake up until 4 in the afternoon. What can I say, I love to sleep.

Image Hosted by
That's a picture of one of my friends riding. You know who you is.....

If you are a slacker...........this is the perfect web site for you.

Whoa. I used to really be into scale modeling, this is way beyond that. Start here and finish here.

Your camera doesn't have a shutter speed this fast.

I want to try this.

John Murtha has a set of balls. Agree with him or not-the guy says what he thinks. Too bad American media reports what it wants to.

Katrina blog. You think you have problems? Nothing compared to the folks trying to rebuild their lives down in Mississippi.

Man, that was an expensive burnout.

Saw this bike over at Fixedgear's blog. I'm in love. That bike could be in a museum.

Another fellow bike blogger has a very nice write up concerning buying a new or used road bike. I've bought 3 road bikes in the past 8 years and all of them were used. The "try it before you buy it" is the best way to see if you like a bike. I've bought 5 mountain bikes in the same amount of time and they were all new, I guess I am hard on bikes.

I did sell my Schwinn S-30 to a buddy of mine, I wish I had that bike back. With the URT rear-it would make the perfect single speed F.S. bike.

I am trying out this piece of software on Firefox. Seems to work well so far......

Wallpaper and lots of 'em.

This has to qualify as one of the worst music videos of all time.

If the guy didn't do anything wrong, why is he stepping aside? To be honest, I never heard of the guy before all the crap started breaking loose with former lobbyist Jack Abramoff but if he thinks he isn't guilty, why step aside? Grow a set of balls.

I've noticed that a few of the links I put up have several pop-up ads that are blocked by Firefox, if you are still using IE6, sorry about all the ads. Switch to Firefox.

Another Windows flaw, but you'd have too be pretty dumb to let this one happen.

This is from the New York Times..............

President Tells Insurers to Aid Ailing Medicare Drug Plan

With tens of thousands of people unable to get medicines promised by Medicare, the Bush administration has told insurers that they must provide a 30-day supply of any drug that a beneficiary was previously taking, and it said that poor people must not be charged more than $5 for a covered drug.

The actions came after several states declared public health emergencies, and many states announced that they would step in to pay for prescriptions that should have been covered by the federal Medicare program.

Republicans have joined Democrats in asserting that the federal government botched the beginning of the prescription drug program, which started on Jan. 1. People who had signed up for coverage found that they were not on the government's list of subscribers. Insurers said they had no way to identify poor people entitled to extra help with their drug costs. Pharmacists spent hours on the telephone trying to reach insurance companies that administer the drug benefit under contract to Medicare.

Many of the problems involve low-income people entitled to both Medicare and Medicaid.

In a directive sent to all Medicare drug plans over the weekend, the Bush administration said they "must take immediate steps" to ensure that low-income beneficiaries were not charged more than $2 for a generic drug and $5 for a brand-name drug.

In addition, it said insurers must cover a 30-day emergency supply of drugs that beneficiaries were taking prior to the start of the new program.

In an interview yesterday, Dr. Mark B. McClellan, administrator of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said that "several hundred thousand beneficiaries who switched plans" in December may have had difficulty filling prescriptions in the last two weeks.

In California, officials estimate that 200,000 of the state's 1.1 million low-income Medicare beneficiaries had trouble getting their medications.

Despite these problems, Dr. McClellan said, Medicare is now covering one million prescriptions a day. With the latest corrective actions, he said, "all beneficiaries should be able to get their prescriptions filled."

In the past, such predictions proved to be premature. New problems appeared as old ones were solved, and some insurers were slow to carry out federal instructions.

Since the program began on Jan. 1, many low-income people have left pharmacies empty-handed after being told they would have to pay co-payments of $100, $250 or more.

About 20 states, including California, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and all of New England, have announced that they will help low-income people by paying drug claims that should have been paid by the federal Medicare program.

"The new federal program is too complicated for many people to understand, and the implementation of the new program by the federal government has been awful," said Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, a Republican. On Saturday, he signed an emergency executive order making the state a "payer of last resort" for the out-of-pocket drug costs.

The Bush administration said it was rushing to provide insurers with correct information about the extra subsidies available to low-income people enrolled in their plans.

"We sent files to all plans providing complete information on dual-eligible beneficiaries" entitled to both Medicare and Medicaid, Dr. McClellan said. "The plans now have all the information in one place."

The new drug benefit is the most significant expansion of Medicare since creation of the program in 1965.

The president of MemberHealth, which offers three national Medicare drug plans, has apologized to pharmacists for problems that plagued the new benefit.

"We expected much more of ourselves, and certainly our performance in the first two weeks was a disappointment," the company's president, Charles E. Hallberg, said in a letter sent Friday to pharmacists. "For that, I want to personally apologize to each of you."

Mr. Hallberg said that druggists "have experienced unacceptable wait times for customer service because we were unable to keep up with the extraordinary call volume."

In an interview, Mr. Hallberg said that 700,000 people had enrolled in his drug plans, marketed under the name Community Care Rx.

Any of the 42 million Medicare beneficiaries can sign up for the new drug coverage. Federal officials say that a surge in enrollments occurred in late December. About 6.2 million low-income people who had drug coverage under Medicaid were automatically enrolled in Medicare drug plans, and some of them have switched to other Medicare plans.

The handling of the drug benefit threatens to become a political liability for Republicans, as older voters and people with disabilities complain that they have been denied essential medications.

Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, a Republican who is chairman of the National Governors Association, declared a public health emergency.

In Wisconsin, Gov. James E. Doyle, a Democrat, said: "It is outrageous how the federal government has mishandled this program and put thousands of lives at risk. As an emergency measure, the state will step in to ensure that no seniors go without lifesaving medicines."

The Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, said the mismanagement of the program had had "devastating consequences for seniors." In a letter signed by 34 other Democrats, Mr. Reid said, "We want to know why so many of our constituents have fallen through the cracks." Democrats had predicted many of the problems, he said.

The concern was bipartisan. Senator Judd Gregg, Republican of New Hampshire, said many people had been "turned away at their pharmacies or told that they must purchase the drugs up front and seek reimbursement later."

"These are very vulnerable people who do not have the means to pay for their prescriptions and who cannot go without their medications," Mr. Gregg said.

Sounds like a clusterfuck to me. I may not be the smartest guy in the world, but anytime you jack around with senior's benefits- you are asking for trouble. Maybe the Republicans don't need anyone over the age of 65 to vote for them next election.

Cuba switches to Linux. I haven't managed to switch my old box over yet, I have burned all the Cd's I need to move over to Ubuntu. I want to format the hard drive before I do it and haven't had the time to make sure there is anything on there that I need. I also want to shop for a used monitor, the spare one I have is on it's last legs......

BugMeNot is fixed for Firefox 1.5 Yay.

Last link.............Click "Watch Civic" after the website loads.......amazing. One note- this website is getting hammered so it might take awhile to load. Or if you have iTunes, just click the download button and watch it in iTunes after it loads......

Thanks for reading.....

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Winter's back.....


Only yesterday it was in the fifties and sunny.

Today? Not so much. It's about 30 degrees and dreary.

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to ride Sunday at Michaux, being cold where I normally ride mtb is okay but being 8 or 10 miles from my van and being cold would totally suck.

I'm not real good at sucking.

My wife and I are planning on going to one of those huge hyper-marts in Hunt Valley. Yeah, I know, it's not as much exercise as riding a mountain bike for 3 or 4 hours but hey, I like to hang out with my wife and we don't get much time together due to our differing work shifts..........

That's all for mow........

Friday, January 13, 2006

Our son is a flirt...........

You could put our son in a room full of people he didn't know and give him an hour-he'd be best friends with all of them. We've had folks comment on how well spoken he is and yes, my wife and I take all the credit. Not sure where he got the outgoing personality, my wife and I were painfully shy at that age.

As I had mentioned earlier, I took him to the dentist office yesterday for some work. I'm not sure what he said to the hygenist, but I'm pretty sure that if he was 10 years older, he could have gotten a date-no problem.

I'm really not looking forward to our store remodel because they removed the associate bathrooms and we have to use the customer restrooms. Not to be too graphic but when I went to use the restroom last night at about 2 in the morning, someone had some trouble aiming when they took a dump. Why do people have to be that way?

Remember me saying yesterday that it will be years until they decide what to do in NOLA? Read this.

This is a good idea, I guess. Maybe it's the morbid fascination with seeing famous people after they have gained a shitload of weight. Speaking of loosing some weight...................

I'm looking forward to doing some actual mtb riding this weekend, at this point the weather is iffy, so we will see. The place where we plan to ride is all rocks which is good for drainage but I'm not gonna go if it raining or rained Saturday night. My technical skills are rusty from not riding much off road last year. Hell, let's face it-I'm just rusty riding period. I'm not going to hurt myself trying to have a good time. I suppose that's the wisdom of age speaking.......

I'm guessing Harry is gonna have trouble when he tries to get on his next airline flight here in America.

Sure, I like my iPods, but not that much. If Apple wants me to buy an Apple computer, have Steve make then cost less. For what a middle of the road Apple cost, I can get a damn nice Windows PC.

Smart kid, I wish I woulda thought of it.

Here's a few Google Maps of famous places.

Till later.......

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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My mom sent me this. It's one of those kind of pictures that look pretty cool for the first 15 seconds, then it pisses you off because you can't figure out how you want it to look.

Whatever. I'm not a Howard Stern fan. Not that there is anything wrong with what he does, I just don't like his style of comedy or whatever that stuff is he does.

This is one butt ugly car from a company that will probably not be around long enough to build it. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to produce a 400 horsepower car when you can't sell regular models without rebates.


I'll be driving my paid for 6 year old mini van until there isn't anything left of it.

I'm still amazed that we don't have a replacement for the Hubble being planned. How are my kids gonna see cool stuff like this when they are older?

At least he had a helmet on.

2.6 trillion dollars is a lot of money. Thanks George, I'm coming to the conclusion that he has gone back to drinking. The president says critics should refrain from questioning his motives for the invasion? Um.... I thought that was call "Free Speech". Last time I checked, it was still in the Bill of Rights..........

100 most annoying things in 2005. A good read.

Food and photography
. Two of my favorite subjects.

Some of the most incredibly bad tattoos I've ever seen.

My old man makes the best damn spaghetti sauce on God's green earth. It's what I am eating for breakfast this morning. Maybe that's where I get my cooking gene from. Just thought I'd share that fact with ya'll.

Somebody oughta tell Mr. Blackwell that most American woman under the age of 25 dress like Britney. I'm not saying that's a good thing or a bad thing, but take a look around the next time you go to a mall.

Let me make a prediction..........10 years from now, they'll still be arguing about what to do.

I'm a tech geek. I've been listening to all kinds of tech type podcasts concerning last week's CES show. There is all kinds of cool stuff coming out this year. None of which I will be able to afford. I was amazed at all the innovation with the new TV's. Some folks are really into TV.

Me? Not so much, I have stuff taped from 3 weeks ago I haven't had time to watch and some shows I downloaded from bit torrent as well that are just sitting on my hard drive. I kinda doubt my wife and I will be dropping large coin on a new TV anytime soon.

No more using your table saw to slice hot dogs. (check out the movie clips on the left) That's fine by me, I am a total klutz with power tools. My wife cut the cord off of my circular saw so I don't hurt myself when no one is home.

Woo hoo, Google Earth 3 is here. This is a seriously cool program.

I never knew I was a hacker. The first thing I do when I buy a new shower head is to pull out the flow restrictor. Check out that shower head with 3 nozzles.......

Time to go take my son to the dentist...............

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad..........

47 years ago on this day in 1959, my mom and dad got married in Lancaster County. 9 months and 2 days later..............I was born.

Mmmmmm, I wonder what my folks did on their honeymoon?

.....At any rate-I have some pretty great parents and I hope they have many more anniversaries because they ain't that old..........Good on ya:-)

Gonna spend some time this week doing a fresh install of Windows XP and Ubuntu on our spare computer. I've been doing a lot of reading on the Ubuntu forums so I think I have a fairly good idea of what to do. Or not. I guess we will see..............

Damn, those are some steep hills. I remember from my visit last summer that some of the hills in Pittsburgh were crazy steep like that.

We all like to complain about stuff, don't we? Not to depress anyone but after reading this story, I gotta tell ya-whatever I thought was a big deal before seems kind of insignificant now.

Since I am a child of the 70's..............I've owned a few of these items. Most notably is the GE Super Radio. I still have mine and it's probably one of the best AM/FM radios ever made.

A joke............

Pearly Gates by George Washington

When Osama bin Laden died, he was met at the Pearly Gates by George Washington,
who slapped him across the face and yelled, "How dare you try to destroy the nation I helped conceive!"

Patrick Henry approached, punched him in the nose and shouted, "You wanted
to end our liberties but you failed."

James Madison followed, kicked him in the groin and said, "This is why I
allowed our government to provide for the common defense!"

Thomas Jefferson was next, beat Osama with a long cane and snarled, "It was
evil men like you who inspired me to write the Declaration of Independence."

The beatings and thrashings continued as George Mason, James Monroe and 66
other early Americans unleashed their anger on the terrorist leader. As
Osama lay bleeding and in pain, an Angel appeared. Bin Laden wept and said,
"This is not what you promised me."

The Angel replied, "I told you there would be 72 Virginians waiting for you
in Heaven. What did you think I said?

One of my friends sent me that, I just thought I would share.

Image Hosted by
This would be an acceptable way to die.

Even God has a few lobbyists in Washington. Brought to you from those wonderful folks over at Focus on the Family. Makes me proud that our State Senator Rick Santorum was at one of their recent events. Separation of Church and State? Suuuuure.

I have no idea what this dude is saying, I'm just glad I don't have to pay his tire bill.

This takes a little while to load but it's funny. From the Tonight Show.....

I bet this cat hides the next time a thunderstorm rolls around.

Interesting article about the weather. I know I hate it when they call for snow 2 or 3 days out. Since I work at a grocery store, we are all amazed at the lemming like nature of people. They ALL head to the store and buy all kinds of stuff they don't need. Since most everybody now has an SUV, I'm not sure I understand this behavior.

750 bucks for a mailbox? We have one of the $40 mailboxes. And we still have last years leaves on the front lawn. We're one of those neighbors.

Till later..........

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I know my shit.

I do quite a bit of product testing where I work.

Vendors will shmooze all the folks in corporate to get their foot in the door but when it's time to turn donuts into dollars-the vendors usually have to have products shipped to my store for me to check them out.

9 times out of ten, the products I test turn out just fine.

I'm not trying to be unkind, but most of the bakers in my company aren't gonna be Nobel Prize candidates any time soon. Most of them read at a 5th grade level, so that's how the directions for most products are written. (More on this in a minute)

I abuse the products any way I see fit, depending on what they are. If I am testing a new mix, I'll under and over mix it, I'll use the incorrect temperature of water, under bake it, etc. If I am testing a new bread or rolls, I use incorrect setting on our proofers and ovens just to see what happens because most of our bakers don't use the correct settings anyways.....

Recently I was testing a new pastry from a company in New York, they sent us the product frozen and we were to thaw it and use it for different kinds of pastries. No matter what I did with this stuff, I couldn't make it turn out right.

It was turning out like total shit because the directions weren't correct.

I e-mailed my bosses and asked them to make sure that what I was sent to use was formulated corrected and noted that I thought the directions were incorrect.

Evidently I must have pissed of the VP of product development at that company because she insisted that the directions were correct and had 2 of her technical specialists come to my store to "assist" me in the proper make up of the product.

Came out like crap for them as well and they tried to make it several times with the same results. As it turns out, the directions weren't right because I made the product the way I thought it should be made and it turned out fine.

Imagine that.

Sucks to be them, huh?

Know what I say?

Never doubt the Donut Guy when it comes to bakery stuff. I've been doing this for 30 years and while I'm always open to new ideas-I know my shit. Moral of the story? There isn't one, I just like to piss off know-it-all V.P.'s

Check this out, I'm gonna see if I can build a real house and then have them ship me the Legos.

Cool link to some Serenity stuff.

If I was a senior citizen, I'd be pissed.

My Lai Hero Hugh Thompson Jr. dies at 62.

"The situation is that Tom's legal situation doesn't seem to be reaching clarity,". Mmm, yeah that might be an understatement.

Now I understand why Bush speaks the way he does. SFW video on a NSFW website.

150 bucks to go see the Rolling Stones? Not in my world.

Maybe Pat could move to Iran.

Customer Rage survey.........since I do the retail thing day in and day out, I call tell you first hand people have gotten a lot ruder and short tempered in the past few years. The only thing I can say is that if you act like an asshole towards me, I'm just going to smile and tell you to have a nice day.

But I won't mean it and you'll know I don't mean it.

Till later folks..........

Saturday, January 07, 2006

What goes in comes out .........

Remember the 4 servings of Shredded Wheat I had for breakfast yesterday? Well, I don't want to be too graphic but thank God for the industrial strength flush toilets we have at work.

.....................I think I lost 10 pounds.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Reading and stuff.........

Now you can browse my site at work and not get fired. If you do get fired, don't blame me.

Somebody is probably gonna hammer me for being insensitive, but DAMN-if you are so fat you need a hoist to get out of bed-it might be time to go on a diet.

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Maybe this is why my wife won't let me help with the laundry. For the few short months I was a batchleor when I did laundry........there was "white stuff" and "everything else".

One guy I really respect and one guy I have no respect for. Guess which one I respect..... here's a hint-it ain't Bill O'Reilly. Maybe I could take the guy if he wasn't so damn rude to his guests on his TV show. If I wanna see conflict on TV-I'll watch professional wrestling.

Windows Vista. At least the web site looks nice and shiny. Funny how IE 7 has "new" features I've been using in Firefox for the last couple years. From what I've read, don't even think about installing this on a box without at least 1 gig of RAM.

This is gonna be a fun site to play around with.

Instead of having 3 corn dogs for a meal when I came home from work today, I had cereal. I was feeling pretty damn good about myself until I realized that I was eating about 4 or 5 serving sizes of Shredded Wheat.

Two problems with that, first problem is that it was about 900 calories and the second problem is that I don't think it was a very bright idea to eat all that much fiber at one time................ if you know what I mean.

Found some like minded folks to ride with next weekend at Michaux Forest, good times are gonna be had. When I first started back up riding 10 years ago, I did about 90% of my rides solo, it's way more fun to do rides with people. Doing a long ride by myself is okay from time to time just to clear out my head, but it's more fun with a little company.

Just bought the book "A Crack In The Edge Of The World" in this format. It was kind of expensive, but I had gift cards from Christmas to use. It wasn't something I would normally spend that much money on. I've gotten through the intro and the first chapter- I really like it so far.

If I could, I would read 24/7. My wife is the same and I think both of our kids have inherited the reading gene. I can remember when our daughter was little, we would spend hours in the bookstore. Good times for sure. Our son just bought 4 books yesterday........I've always told our kids that there's always money for books............

Jeez, I sure wish Pat Robertson lived in a different country. What an asshole.

Till later.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My new diet..............

Actually, it's not a new diet, I'm just going to watch what I eat and cut out some of the junk. Since I just ate 3 corn dogs when I came home from work this morning, ..............the diet will start tomorrow.


It shouldn't be to hard to drop the weight, I am also going to hit the NordicTrack for a half hour each afternoon to start. At one time, I was doing an hour on that thing and then lifting weights for an hour 4 or 5 times a week. I want to spend more time riding as long as it's above 35 or 40 degrees. I really hate exercising inside.

Starting this week, the store where I work at is going to be remodeled. The whole thing is supposed to take nearly a full year, they will be blowing out 3 of the 4 exterior walls and building a second floor to house all the offices and computer equipment.

Our company has 4 types of stores and we are going to be remodeled into one of the "up market" stores. We get a new bakery in a different section of the store, should be good times when they move us as the equipment I am using is 15 years old and all the people I train will now understand how to use the newer computer controlled ovens, proofers and whatnot.

I like to read up on current events and sometimes comment on them, but today all the news seems depressing with fires, explosions, floods, building collapses...........I just have to comment on Jack Abramoff though.....

I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I'm smarter then most of those retards in Washington. I'm laughing my ass off at the stupidity of our Congressmen and Senators.

What do they think? .......If they give the money back, that it means that they never took it?

That's like stealing something and then offering to pay for it after you get caught. Is that supposed to mean anything?

I don't think everyone in Washington are slime but it sure is hard to find anything positive out of this whole mess.

I'm not voting for anyone that is currently in office this November. I think the whole lot of them need changed out. Sure, some of the folks that are in Washington are doing a great job, but too damn bad for them-the rest of the assholes there make everyone look like crooks.

Here is a new and exciting way to die.......just lovely.

This thing works pretty good. It found my favorite album....
Image Hosted by
It's hard to believe it's been almost 40 years since this was released.

Get stumped or a particular Sodoku puzzle is pissing you off? Here's your answer.

Somebody ought to buy this snake for Bill. You thought I was gonna say G. W. , didn't you? He's already got a few......

Thanks to all the folks that left comments, links and offers of help on my project to convert an old computer over to Linux. I'm gonna read up a good bit before I dive in, I'm one of those guys that reads all the instructions for stuff I buy before I play with it. It should be fun!

Our local cycling club (of which I am a founding member) is having a ride at Michaux State Forest in a couple weeks, if I can find someone that knows the place to lead a slower group of riders (that would include me) I am going to go and hopefully take some pictures of the place. It's really nice.

Up until I hurt my back 2 summers ago, I was one of those "faster" riders, maybe I'll work myself back up to it this year......I'll be happy if I can at least keep up with the tail end of the "advanced" pack......

It's always funny when our club does social rides, 90% of the time they turn into hammerfests. Get a couple of guys that hate to be beat up a climb together to ride and it turns into a race instead of a ride.


I'm too old for that shit, I just hang out at the back of the pack and crack jokes and breathe heavy.

I'm an avid Firefox user, I downloaded and installed this utility for Firefox yesterday and it really seems to have sped up things. Maybe it's just my imagination, but pages seems to load instantly now.

After 25 years of my father combing a couple of spare hairs up over his bald head-he finally got a decent haircut. Now he doesn't look like trailer trash. I can't say much, I'm not far behind.

I'm looking forward to this spring, I'm gonna drag his ass out of the house a couple evenings a week and we are gonna ride our bikes around and have some fun. Hell yeah.

I really enjoyed reading Cycledog's latest blog entry. My addiction? Iced tea. I put up with the bottled stuff 99% of the time but nothing beats fresh brewed ice tea. Except sex. And a couple other things that aren't legal.

Last link for today.........I officially have the sluttiest bike blog in bloggerdom. Woo hoo.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Linux help...........

I'm thinking about installing Linux on an old computer we have laying around. Anyone have any helpful FAQ's they could point me to? I really don't have a reason to do this, just want to learn more about Linux and if I screw it up-no biggie-I'll just reinstall Windows on it. Any advice on which Linux distro would work best would be appreciated. All I really want to do with this machine is browse the web and do e-mails.............

I know I scared the crap out of my mom when I posted about this vunerability. I told her to keep using Firefox because I have her browser set up so it will prompt her to run a wmf file if one pops up.......also this file is being renamed as a jpeg file in e-mail attachments. My suggestion, don't open ANY attachments you get in e-mail.

I'm not sure if the ads on this website are SFW but the video is. I guess you really can't believe everything you see. Same deal with this video...........get a grip buddy.

This is one grandma I wouldn't wanna piss off.

Here they are-St Pauls nominations for "Mother of the Year". I wonder why none of them have cars?

What the hell? I'm sure his parents are proud as all get-out.

Tom Green is lucky he didn't get his ass kicked.

Another off-color joke...........

Little Johnny's neighbors had a baby. Unfortunately, the baby was born without ears. When mother and new baby came home from the hospital Johnny's family was invited over to see the baby.

Before they left their house, Little Johnny's dad had a talk with him and explained that the baby had no ears. His dad also told him that if he so much as mentioned anything about the baby's missing ears or even said the word ears he would get the spanking of his life when they came back home.

Little Johnny told his dad he understood completely. When Johnny looked in the crib he said, "What a beautiful baby." The mother said, why, thank you, Little Johnny." Johnny said, "He has beautiful little feet and beautiful little hands, a cute little nose and really beautiful eyes. "Can he see?" asked Little Johnny.

"Yes", the mother replied, "we are so thankful; the Doctor said he will have 20/20 vision "That's great", said Little Johnny, "cuz he'd be screwed if he needed glasses."

Yeah, yeah I know-it was tasteless......but then again-I still have my ears:-)

Now I'm not sure if this video is been played around with or not but these are some fast power windows. Lots more videos on the site if you're a motorhead. Maybe I'll get one of these with a 125 shot for my Surly.

Here's one of the reasons I don't buy stuff on Ebay.

This is like crack cocaine only it comes out of your computer monitor. It's a little tough to pick up at first but once you know how it works-it's a lot of fun. Experiment with it.

Most everyone on the planet knows who Lance is, not everyone has heard of George.

Um....I'm not seeing a whole lot of these folks around here this time of the year. How come all the people on those nudist sites are skinny? Around here, most folks aren't exactly svelte. Not sure I'd want to go somewhere and hang out with fat naked people.

I'm guessing this football fan went to mostly college games. Running onto the field during an NFL game ain't exactly a bright idea. Betcha he woke up sore the next day. Welcome to the big game.

I used to love going to the library when I was a kid, it's a damn shame that parents can't teach their kids how to behave in public.

Sure, it's inappropriate but it's also kinda funny.

12 years old? 13 years old? Damn, I was still playing with Hot Wheels when I was 12.

Last link for today...........In my opinion-George Carlin is a genius. This 10 minute video clip ain't work safe or family safe. But you knew that as soon as I mentioned George Carlin, didn't you?

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Pork and Sauerkraut........

Having lived in Central PA for all of my life.........this might not be a tradition that is worldwide but around here we have pork and sauerkraut every New Years Day. I was actually planning on riding Sunday afternoon but I had forgot about it until my wife reminded me that we were eating at her parents. I enjoy my in-laws company but since we I have so many neices and nephews and a brother-in-law that likes to watch 5 TV channels all at the same time-it gets old after about 2 hours.

Oh well, I"ll get a ride in today if it ain't raining.....................................

Damn, Earth sure looks tiny.

If I was a cop...........this guy would probably be pushing up daisies right now. I guess that's why I'm not a cop.

Think you might have a dumb hobby or leisure time activity? Not as dumb as this one.

My son and I like to play chess. This is a cool chess set. I don't know what it is about playing chess with Daniel, but he whoops my ass just about everytime we play. He's good for a 12 year old.

DRM is a bad thing. I realize the record companies have to make a profit but having a CD that won't even play in all CD players is pretty stupid.

I've owned a few of these gadgets. My favorite is number 22.

Saw this on you go there, the site definitely isn't family-safe or work safe. The guy has some good stuff but he pays his hosting bills with porno ads. You've been warned:-)

Subject: FAQ for New SUV and H2 Hummer Owners
Q1: I made the original down payment on an H2 "Hummer" and I've been driving it for over half a year now and I still can't find my penis and women still hate me and call me an asshole. When does the H2 "Hummer" start to kick in? When will I finally be a real man?

A1: Some new H2 owners will experience continued feelings of inadequacy for some time after they purchase their surrogate penis however rest assured that your perceptions are false: Women really do want to have sex with you, it's only the lesbians who continue to call you names and take out restraining orders against you. Also don't worry: Your penis is humongous now. Trust your new "Hummer."

Q2: When I bought my Ford Expedition about a year ago, I was told that I would be going to the mountains, driving through deserts and heavy mud, camping out under the stars with at least two hot High School girls. Instead I'm stuck in traffic 90% of the time, slogging back and forth between home, K-Mart, and work. When will I start being a rugged mountain logging man?

A2: If you're experiencing city traffic and have not yet become an adventurous mountain man, the problem isn't with your SUV, it's with liberal environmentalists and Communist Democrats who are conspiring to destroy America's freedoms hand-in-hand with Iraqi terrorists (which really, really do exist.) With the election of President George W. Bush, this temporary problem will shortly be corrected and any day now you'll become a rugged, action-filled adventurer.

Q3: My neighbor bought a really manly SUV so I had to go buy one even bigger to prove I'm a better man. I was amused about a month later when he came around a bend on the freeway at around 100 miles an hour and rolled it, killing himself and all his family members and everyone in a couple of other cars. But I started wondering if I'm going to also die in a screaming, burning wreck taking other people's kids out with me like he did. Should I worry?

A4: No, there's no need to worry! All SUV accidents are investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and media reports about massive carnage and an 11% greater fatality rate involving SUVs compared to girly cars are highly exaggerated. The NTSB has consistently found in every single accident involving SUVs that other drivers have always been at fault; it's never been the driver of an SUV that's ever caused an accident. An education campaign is planned to inform drivers of girly cars that they must stop getting in the way of real men like you and stop causing these accidents which took out your neighbor's family. You have nothing to worry about.

Q5: I can't stand it any more. I'm really getting tired of all the men, women, and children who flip me off when I'm driving my H2 "Hummer" around town. What's their problem? What can I do about these people who shout stuff like "PIG!" and "ASSHOLE!" and stuff as they flip me off?

A5: They're jealous of you. It's not anyone who can purchase an H2 "Hummer," after all, it takes a real man and these people -- even the High School girls who flip you off -- are jealous of the fact that they can't be as manly a man as you are. What you should do is sit there and glare at them really, really bad: Let them know you're not going to take that guilt trip abuse without giving them the glaring of their lives. Also many of them secretly want to have sex with you but are too embarrassed to ask so you should ask them.

Q6: Someone keeps putting citations on my SUV's windshield claiming I'm supporting terrorism, killing the environment, that I'm a selfish pig, and that my SUV is maiming other drivers on the highway. These traffic citations are piling up because I don't see an address of where I need to go to fight these tickets in court. Will they come and arrest me for not paying these tickets? I don't think I should have to since there's no address I can see on where to mail in fines.

A6: No, you don't have to pay those or do anything with them. You may tear them up and throw them away along with any parking ticket or other traffic citation you may be issued. As an SUV owner you're entitled to special driving privileges that inferior men don't share, and if any police officer tells you differently, you should explain to the liberal about your rights as a SUV driver to do whatever the Hell you want when you want to do it.

Q7: Why do so many people in other cars and people walking on the sidewalk hold up two fingers a couple of inches apart and point at my SUV and laugh?

A7: They're probably trying to tell you that you have a door ajar or that they believe one of your tires is under inflated. Check to make sure that all of your doors are closed properly and if they are, be sure to check your tire pressure.

Q8: About once a week or so I walk out to my SUV and I find a bumper sticker on my H2 "Hummer" either saying I'm changing the environment or that I'm "compensating," whatever that means. What's happening to me?

A8: There's a Communist Liberal by the name of Arianna Huffington who hates America and she travels around the world putting these bumper stickers on people's Constitutionally protected SUVs and "Hummers" because she hates America. It's just loony liberal nut blather which doesn't mean anything so you can ignore it. If you want it to stop, you need to send her email and demand that she stop harassing you else you'll call the FBI. That'll make her stop.

Q9: I think there's something wrong with my "Hummer." Every two days I have to refill my gas tank even though I only drive around the city from home to work and back. I've checked for leaks and I don't smell leaking gasoline when I'm driving so I'm thinking there must be some reason why I'm only getting 10 miles to the gallon. What's up with that?

A9: There's nothing wrong with your car. What's wrong is the notion that as an American your personal vehicle needs to be engineered for fuel economy -- a Communist notion if ever there was one. When you drive a "Hummer," you're driving freedom, liberty, apple pie, and God -- the Christian God -- and nobody -- absolutely nobody! -- has the right to tell you to drive some Fresh wimpy girly car. When you fill your gas tank every other day, you're filling your tank with freedom.

Q10: I got me one of those Hummies with the jungle camouflage paint job, really big tires, and I wear Army clothes when I drive my Hummie, just like my fellow Hummie drivers in Iraq. Question: am I allowed to shoot brown people like they do and get away with it like they do? And if so, what about homos? Can I shoot homos too if I see homos on the sidewalk?

A10: Yes, as an H2 "Hummer" driver you're entitled to shoot as many brown-skinned people and homosexuals as you want to. There are a few police officers who might pull you over after engaging in your Constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights, but most police officers will notice your "Hummer," its really cool camouflage, and support the troops by not stopping you or giving you problems. If a police officer does pull you over, all you need do is show him or her your Republican Party membership card or your National Rifel Association membership card and they'll cut you loose to continue exercising your American rights. Any police officer who still gives you a hassle is a closet queer and, of course, fair game.

Thing is, I'm betting that some Hummer and SUV drivers believe some of that stuff.

Yeah. These guys are different. Check out some of the videos.

If I ever win the lottery, I'm gonna get me one of these. Not that I deserve such a nice bike. Having said that-I still want one of these...........

Must be a slow news day.

There's flooding and then there is flooding. Damn, the folks in NOLA aren't having much to celebrate this new year are they?

Have a bark bag ready before you open this site. It's gonna take you on a journey through Michael Jackson's plastic surgeries.

Last link for today............Even if you aren't a techie, geek or motorhead-you have to admit this guy is combination artist/genius. The article is kinda dry, but check out the pics......

Till later.............

Random crap..........

This is one of those blog entries that kinda just wander aimlessly.............

A joke............

A guy is driving around Tennessee and he sees a sign in front of a house: "Talking Dog For Sale." He rings the bell and the owner tells him the dog is in the backyard. The guy goes into the backyard and sees a Labrador retriever sitting there.

"You talk?" he asks.

"Yep," the Lab replies.

"So, what's your story?"

The Lab looks up and says, "Well, I discovered that I could talk when I was pretty young. I wanted to help the government, so I told the CIA about my gift, and in no time at all they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping.

I was one of their most valuable spies for eight years running."

"But the jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn't getting any younger so I decided to settle down. I signed up for a job at the airport to do some undercover security wandering near suspicious characters and listening in."

"I uncovered some incredible dealings and was awarded a batch of medals. I got married, had a mess of puppies, and now I'm just retired."

The guy is amazed. He goes back in and asks the owner what he wants for the dog.

"Ten dollars," the guy says.

"Ten dollars? This dog is amazing. Why on earth are you selling him so cheap?"

"Because he's a liar. He never did any of that shit."

Harry Potter is coming to an end. I'm wondering what JK will write after she is done with Harry Potter. I'm sure she has lots of ideas floating around in her brain.

Thank You for Smoking. As a former smoker, this looks like an interesting movie. My opinion? Everyone has a right to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't affect me, I don't have to pay for it and I don't have to smell cigarette smoke.

I'm one of those "asshole" former smokers, let me give you an example. A few nights ago, I was heading into work when several cashiers were on break and standing outside right next to the entrance of our store smoking. I told them they have a designated area about 25 yards from the entrance and they need to use it.

I stood there and made a scene until they moved......sue me. I hate smelling that shit. Not that I was any better when I did smoke, but I always tried to be considerate of people that didn't smoke.

This is just so wrong. I suppose that's why I am posting it. Some guys trick one of their buddies into believing he won the lottery......he didn't. NSFW due to language.

I love Dave Barry.

If I never hear Git-R-Done ever again, that would be okay with me. Here's a whole list. And another............I like "spokesweasel".

Learn a little bit about why Dell Computer is a bank. Pretty interesting. I've never been a fan of Dell, they make nice solid computers- but I feel they are overpriced for what you get.

Here's another white board about root kits just in case you are wondering what the hell a root kit is anyways. ZD Net has a whole bunch of these on all kinds of subjects, you do have to provide them with some info to get all their articles, downloads and such but nobody said all of it has to be 100% accurate.......... check'em out.

I have a couple of guilty pleasures in of them is Sam Kinison. He certainly wasn't P.C. nor was he very couth but I like his stuff anyways. Here's a very mild clip, this was his first appearance on TV. More here.

I downloaded some of his clips and listened to them at work last night. One of the few comedians that make me laugh out loud. I'm still pissed he was killed by a drunk driver back in '92.

Don't drink and drive kids..................

Oh and by the way........Happy New Year.

Till later.