Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things to know..........

Next time you shop at your favorite retail store, here are some things to know.....

-If you're in hurry shopping...don't freak out at the clerk waiting on you-I'll go just that tiny bit slower just to watch your face get red.

-I think I've said this before, but it bears repeating....be nice. You'll get the best service you've ever gotten when you're nice.

-Don't try to talk on your cellphone while you're trying to talk to me as I try to assist you....actually, I'll ignore you until you hang up. If you get a phone call while I'm serving you and you take it and ignore me....I'll walk away and let you finish your conversation.

-Don't whistle to get my attention. Seriously. I'll call you out on it.

-Don't ask me "Where are the fucking samples?" at 1 AM. Sorry....you get nothing.

Seriously, I'm a really nice guy but folks nowadays shop like they drive..... and quite a few people are self-absorbed assholes that think bigger and louder is always better.

Maybe my 80 year old knees are putting me in a bad frame of mind...time for a nap.

till later.

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