Wednesday, February 03, 2010

20 pounds.............

Woo total weight loss so far is 20 pounds.

So far, this was easy- I kinda have the feeling that the next 20 ain't gonna be so easy.

I'm not worried....I'll do what I gotta do to drop the weight. I don't really feel all that different with the exception of all my work pants don't stay up...looks like I'm going to be wearing suspenders so I don't have permanent plumbers butt.

Go my motor and all the mounting hardware.......

Side view..............

Rear view....check out that gnarly roller.

First thing I did was to install a centerstand on the bike, so my 500 dollar investment doesn't fall over and get dinged....that would piss me off.

Yeah, sure it's gonna look a little dorky but I'm not really that concerned.

I did have to do a little backyard engineering on the mounting plate for the kickstand, since the bike wasn't really designed with a kickstand in mind-the front derailleur wire and the mounting plate had to share the same my drill out and made me a hole.

Neat, huh?

My next door neighbor came over to check everything out and we both agreed one of the mounting plates is a little janky. It looks plenty strong for what it has to do...just looks homemade. I'm gonna paint it semi-gloss black and hope that it blends in with the paint scheme on the bike.

At the suggestion of my neighbor (the dude is wicked smart), I'm also going to replace several of the mounting bolts with higher strength rated bolts...the ones supplied are probably okay, but if one snapped off when I was 20 or 30 miles out-I'd be screwed.

It's gonna be a little while before I have more pics of progress.....I want to take my time and do everything perfect.

till later.

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