Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vacation was *quick*

Another one of those blog posts without any rhyme or reason............

Took a very relaxing week off last week.....moved our daughter into her new apartment with 2 of her friends for the next 15 months.

Nice place and the owner has a awesome pizza place right around the corner.

She doesn't have a scholarship for the last 15 months....grad school is expensive, so if any of you folks out there that live in York need your computer fixed....give me a call:-)

Not sure what the racket is with college textbooks, but I just bought her 4 books out of my computer money that cost over 200 bucks and that was cheap.

Not a problem for me.....I'll just keep pumping all my computer profits in my kids education because it's gonna be so totally worth it to see them with college degrees. I'm guessing that in 10 years you're gonna need at least a four year degree to just get an interview at most decent companies.

I gots me an appointment next week with the knee surgeon......I'm looking forward to getting my knee done and also not looking forward to getting it done. If the guy does the same great job he did on my other knee he did last year-it'll be worth the black blue and purple color most of my leg is gonna be for a month.

I have my temporary replacement just about trained, one of the guys that stocks the freezer department thought it would be cool to learn another trade and as it turns out-he's pretty damn awesome at making donuts.....and he's a cool guy to work with as well so that's a double bonus.

Looking for a decent used car with air conditioning is a major pain in the ass. I've got 3500 bucks to play with, I considered fixing up my van but to fix the air conditioning and the leaking transaxle-I'm looking at over 4 grand which doesn't make sense as the thing is only worth 3 grand at best. been looking on Craigslist-but all the good cars last less then a day-whatever, I have some time yet...I hope:-)

One nice thing about having a motor on my bike is that I can ride it pretty damn far away from our house....last week I did get one good trip in, rode up to Goldsboro PA and checked out Three Mile Island. I forgot my camera and also forgot that my Blackberry takes pictures...sometimes I'm so forgetful-it scares the crap out of me. Heck, as I sit here and type this- I just remembered I have to fix one of our's been broken for 3 weeks. Whoops.

I always make sure one of my buddies or relatives knows where I'm at and has access to a truck or minivan in case I break down on my bike because there ain't no way in hell I'm gonna be able to pedal a 55 pound bicycle 30 miles back to my house if I have major problem. Flat tires, broken chain, broken spokes aren't biggies but if my motor shits the bed while I'm that far out- I'm screwed.

Till later.

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