Thursday, December 07, 2017

Anybody still out there?

I suppose this blog fell by the wayside when I joined Facebook......I recently swore off Facebook and have decided to go back to blogging.


Ptelea said...

Hello, Hello. I just checked in to see if any of my regulars were still blogging. So far, most aren't. I keep thinking of starting again and do appreciate re-reading. I hope you are well. I feel the same way about FB - it has some aspects I like but so much is wrong with it and how it dominates and so much is so trivial. Maybe it is time to go back to the reflection of blogging?

The Old Bag said...

Ha! Hi old blogger friend! I just made the rounds and saw you and Ptelea had each made one fairly recent post. I too faded into Facebook, but am finding myself disillusioned with it and have just started writing again (trying my hand at non-bicycling pieces, but haven't posted recently). I was feeling a bit nostalgic for the old crew I used to follow as I was clicking through to old sites. I hope you are well!

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