Friday, March 06, 2009

Clean house.....

I know I oughta help out around the house more often.....I try to make up for it with my sense of humor and wit.

That doesn't really fly with my lovely wife. She enjoys my sense of humor most of the time-but when it comes down to built up soap scum in the shower...not so much.

So, instead....about once or twice a year-I go through the house and clean up with extreme prejudice. It took me all of Friday to ream out all the junk laying around (to be fair-lots of it was mine) and dust, vacuum, scrub and polish stuff.

My wife likes coming home to a clean house.....if my lovely wife ain't happy-nobody is happy.

Here's some food for thought....Unemployment Rate Was 14.8% in February. Makes sense to me, just about everyone somes someone that is out of a job or working at a job they picked up just for the cash.

Like I always say...I just make donuts for a living but I'd rather have a "U" shaped recession rather then an "L" shaped one. Whatever happens-things are already bad...and getting worse.

till later.

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