Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Things I learned in yesterday's snow storm.....

Never assume your snowblower will start right up if you haven't used it for two years. I drained the gas out the last time I used it and when I put fresh gas in yesterday- no love.

It was so damn cold out, I figured that might have something to do with it, so instead of screwing around with it....I got my trusty 15 year old out from behind his computer screen and made him help me shovel the driveway.

I learned that my knees do not like cold dry weather. Hell, my knees don't like anything right at the moment.

People that aren't comfortable driving in bad weather......stay the f*** off of the road. Go to an empty parking lot and practice starting, stopping and turning on snow. Yesterday, I had a lady pull out in front of me and then slammed on the brakes because I was too close to her. I just love passive-aggressive drivers.

This week....is all guy week at our house. My wife is in Kansas City for a conference. If my son and I don't burn the house down...I report later in the week on how we are managing.

till later.

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