Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Damn cat part 2

I found my phone, the cat had it in her window seat underneath her blanket. Not sure if she was planning on keeping it, but the way she had it hidden-I'm thinking she was planning on keeping it. She was probably just getting back at me for putting a scarf around her neck the other day.....or maybe planning on SMS'ing her friends for a sleepover.

Anyone been reading up on the financial shitstorm happening in our country? It's pretty bad out there but from what I've been reading and just a gut feeling....I think it's going to get worse. I sure hope I'm wrong, but being close to 50 years old....I'm hoping that things recover in the next 10 to 15 years so my lovely wife and I can retire.

As far as our kids and their kids are concerned? Wow, all I can say is that the next few generations are on the hook for a metric assload of government debt. It's some scary shit....and most of the problems can be traced back to this shining piece of legislation.

Exxon Mobil oughta just do the right thing. It's not like they ain't got the money. Why do some corporations just insist on being dickheads?

Best wooden bicycle you will see today.

Best cat videos you will see today.

Best pink statue you will see today.

Best penis on a roof you will see today. (SFW)

Best geek dancing you will see today.

Best rich idiot watch you will see today.

Best monkey act you will see today.

Best blue bicycle you will see today.....I dig custom made bicycles. Read more of Doug's blog for this particular bike build...Doug is on the mend from an accident and is just starting back on the bike-the dude takes fantastic pictures when he's on his rides.

Typical Hollywood article.....I'm just curious-I wonder who told her she looked good in that dress....kinda looks like they ran out of ideas and still had extra cloth.

No shit. Must be a slow news day. What's next? Donuts make you fat and stupid?

Hey, if Obama gets these folks all pissed off....maybe he should go someplace else where they have some tolerance for opposing viewpoints. Just sayin'.

till later.

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