Saturday, March 21, 2009

I love screwing with people.....

Little enough I get out of life......I enjoy screwing with drunk customers at 3AM.

I use several tools for most of my work, number one- I repeat everything they say back to them as a question and number 2- I repeat the same answer twice with a different inflection each time or sometimes to be extra fun-I'll answer a question with a totally incorrect answer.

Typical conversation goes like this......

Drunk Customer- Hey, yous guys got any fresh donuts?

Me- Do we have any fresh donuts?

DC- Yeah.


DC Yes....yes what?

Me-We have fresh donuts.

DC Do you have any creme filled?

Me-Do we have creme filled?

About this time the drunk customer is looking around for a hidden camera......

DC-Do I stutter?

Me- Do you stutter?

I'm starting to irritate the living shit out of this guy, so I figure it's time to switch tactics.

Me-Creme filled? Yes, I'm sorry-we have fresh coffee many would you like?

DC-Coffee rolls?

Me-Coffee rolls?

DC-No, do you have......customer forgets what they originally wanted...

Me-Creme filled?

DC-Yes, creme filled.

Me-No sorry, we're all out.

DC-Do you have coffee rolls?

Me-Do we have coffee rolls?

DC- Yeah.

Me- Yes, we have creme filled many would you like?

.........I'm lucky I don't get killed.

till later.

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