Saturday, March 28, 2009


If you think President Obama's planned commencement speech at Notre Dame is a bad this article.

I think that if I was a devout Catholic and was attending said school....I'd go and have a listen anyways. The dude is a fairly good speaker and hey....I might learn something.

I remember this just like it happened. I was working overnight at a bakery in Harrisburg and remember listening to the radio and how everyone was leaving the area. I blame the media for most of the hysteria at the time.

Another good reason to stay away from Wal-Mart bikes and buy your bike from a professional bike shop.

Wal-Mart might be good for lots of stuff, but bikes ain't one of them. I bought our son a bike there when he was small and I basically had to disassemble it and reassemble it.

This is Barcelona in 1908....pretty cool movie....lots of dudes on bikes.

Do cannonball float in mercury? Find out here.

Best Rube Goldberg video you will see today.

I am listening....I'm just storing the information for later use.

Best automobile commercial you will see today.

Best house tour you will see today....this might be a re-post...sue me.

If you can afford 14 of them......more power to you.

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till later.

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