Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day..

The message seems to be....if you're Irish....today's the day to be a drunk jackass. Speaking as an Irishman- we don't go out and drink ourselves into a stupor on St Pats day....that stuff is strictly for amateurs.

True Irishmen just go about their daily lives...it's just like any other day only we're Irish and you're not......

If I had a job where I had to sit in front of a computer all day.....I'd probably get fired.

Between reading my RSS feeds on Google Reader, Facebook and Google News...I wouldn't have any time to do work.

I glad that I don't have internet access on my side of the store...I have no self control-I'm an information junkie.

Our daughter has 581 friends on Facebook...I wonder if she knows all those folks? Knowing her, she probably does.

I bought one of my Christmas presents and am using it already.....a new office chair. I left the wheels and the left side arm rest off when I put it together....yeah, I'm a little weird.

Maybe I spoke too soon about being disappointed with Obama and the AIG bonus situation.

This dude had 8 years to get it right and he screwed the pooch...now he needs to shut the f*** up and retire gracefully.

Things are going to get worse.....way worse- before they get better. I am extremely thankful I have steady employment.

I'm very happy no one was hurt.....but I woulda paid 20 bucks to see it happen.

till later.

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