Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting hurt is no fun.........

It's been a long time (knock on wood) since I've really hurt myself riding a bike. Yeah, I've had a few scrapes and bruises, but no broken bones (broken fingers don't count).

One of my readers (Thanks Bob) sent me this link about getting "doored".

I've never been doored but thinking back to my youth until the present......I've had plenty of other mishaps......note to my mother-you might not know about all these.....I didn't want to worry you:-)

-When I was 12- I rear ended a station wagon because I couldn't stop in worries-the rear window was open and I landed in the rear seat.

-I broke the handlebars in half on my my bike when I was in 10th grade and rode it that way for a couple weeks because I didn't have the money to get it fixed.

-Right when I started back up mountain biking in the mid 90's...I lost my balance on the top of a steep hill...I fell off on the hill side and my bike fell off the side of the ravine-it took me a half hour to find it and another hour to drag it out of the woods because both tires were flat.

-When I was going down a very steep hill on my road bike (50mph+) A very large wasp landed on my upper thigh and I had to watch it sting me several times before I could get my bike stopped. That one hurt like a MF'er.

While I was bombing down a large hill on my mountain bike-A very large buck ran directly in front of me. I was probably going at least 20 mph and the buck was so close to my handlebars, I can't believe I didn't hit it.

That was the closest I ever came to crapping my pants while riding a bike.....except when I was 4- I did crap my pants while I was riding my tricycle with the broken handlebars.

Lots of other wrecks and a trail of broken bicycle parts...some other time.

till later.

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