Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Just finished watching the 2nd episode of Masterchef America.....I gotta say- I'm not that impressed with most of the people they picked to be on the show.

Having been in the food service business for the past 35 years- I don't think most of those folks realize how hard it is to cook professionally.....do I think I could do better? Maybe...maybe not, but watching the show last night- I'm getting the impression that some of the contestants have no idea what they are getting into, quite a few of them had that "deer in the headlights" look.

If you work professionally in food service- the hours suck, it's usually God-awful hot, you're on your feet for a minimum of 10 hours a night....and here's a dirty little secret- most of the time it's a slog. You have to make the same things night in and night out and it has to be exactly the same as the night before and it has to be perfect. You screw up one time and it doesn't matter if the other 99% of what you did on your shift is perfect...that 1% of screwups can and will define your career.

Does a stay-at-home mom or a construction worked have the creativity, food knowledge and discipline to create new dishes each week? Not sure, but I'm betting some of these folks are gonna be in the weeds real quick.

I'm not really sure why people choose food service as a career.....I think it helps if you are a little left of center-most good cooks, bakers and chefs aren't 100% normal.

Why do I do it?

I enjoy creating things and I also get to teach people how to bake. It's always fun when I get to see the light bulb go on over someones head when they "get" something and it's really neat to see someone create something that didn't know they were capable of.

Anyways... it will be interesting to see who does the best in the series. It's too early to pick a favorite but it will be interesting to watch the cooks perform when they are on unfamiliar ground and out of their comfort zone.

till later.

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