Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm a paid test driver.......

Not sure if y'all been following along, but I have been having a ton of small issues with my motor assisted bicycle. The guy I bought my motor from couldn't have been nicer or more professional, he shipped me 2 different motors, both of which turned out to be duds.

After the 2nd motor developed problems, he sent me an experimental motor to try out-he liked my feedback so much......he's sending me another motor and an install kit for another bicycle.

All I have to do is record fuel mileage, try out some various carb jets and try some different oil weights. He also wants my feedback on how the motor performs compared to the first motor he sent me.

He is also sending a bunch of extra parts that affect the final drive ratio of the gearing that the motor provides, I get to try them all and give him feedback on how the different gear ratios make the bike perform.

I'm not his typical customer as most of his clients want to go as fast as possible, I like going at a nice steady pace and only let the motor help when I need it to. That's one of the reasons I think he selected me to help him.....I ain't gonna blow his motor up in a week :-)

All I can say is wow. About a week from now, a box of parts worth 600 bucks is gonna show up that I didn't pay a dime for and I get to keep.

Things are good.

till later.

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