Friday, September 01, 2006

More hot stuff...No, I didn't burn myself....

Older computers don't always like new components, I suppose. The graphics card I installed didn't like being cooped up in a closed computer case, it was freezing up after Dan played World of Warcraft for a half hour or so...........looks like I will be buying an additional fan for the computer case soon. Right now, I fixed it "plugger" style, I just took the side of the case off and it works fine.

Speaking of hot stuff........howsabout an electric pickle? Video here.

Wow, that dog sure has a, leg?

Wow, this is amazing. Not. Actually, it's really easy to figure out how they do it.

I'm glad this kid won his appeal. On the other hand, I'm not too sure it was a good idea to wear a t-shirt to school with drug and alcohol references on it. Even though the President was an abuser of alcohol in the of drugs and alcohol don't belong in schools.

I've had one of my readers offer to help me with a business plan, how awesome is that? Thank you so much Matt. I've got lots of ideas written down and floating around in my head, it will be great to see a few examples of other business plans. I've given myself 12 weeks to get everything together and I'm betting it will take that long-there's lots of stuff to organize and I want to do it right.

Doug sent me this very cool link concerning the size and tracks of past hurricanes. Global warming or not-there were quite a few big ones in our past history.

I think the major automakers are missing the boat-I'd love to see a hybrid mini-van. There's plenty of room for batteries under the floor of most minivans. They aren't going to make much money from me on the deal, I average one vehicle about every 10 years, but I'd buy one for sure if I was in the market.

A "multi-pronged marketing approach"......I don't think it or this will work. The American people watch a lot of TV and the accompanying advertising-they can see through the bullshit.......they aren't stupid. Hopefully the Democrats win will a majority in either the House or Senate so things will be hamstrung for the next 2 years. Best case scenario is they win both sides and they move the country in a different direction.

I have an account at YouTube, someone sent me a spam e-mail and said my videos were awesome and they wanted me to check out their videos. I have a 10 second video of my Surly with all its rear lights flashing and a video with our daughter whacking the crap out of a pinata. Something tells me he didn't watch my videos.........

I love this girl's shirt.

Whatever your personal religious beliefs......things didn't work out real good for this guy. Maybe Jesus walked on this. Anything's possible.

Today's science break. Gotta thank Doug for the cool link.

My nephew just got a fixed gear bike to take to college next week. He started riding maybe 2 years ago and I think he's got the disease bad. Good on ya pal........and since you asked Steve, the graphics card I bought is a Nvidia with 256 megs of RAM made a huge difference. Dan cranked up all the detail features on WOW to "max" and it still plays at least 25-30 fps because I can't even see it go from frame to frame like it used's smooooth like buttah:-)

It's quite a step up from the 32 megs of on-board RAM based memory we were using. As a frame of first computer had a blazing fast 1 meg of video RAM.

This article is lengthy but it's still a good read. It makes a lot of sense. Maybe too much sense..........

Entrepreneurship. Good article, I'm banking on my superior skillset and the wisdom of age to be successful. Certainly not my good looks.........

If anyone gets sucked into this game...........I am really, really sorry. I could see 8 hours disappearing real easy.

Geek Squad overprices and they aren't ethical. Anyone that charges 129 bucks to blow the dust out of your computer ain't on the level.

Till later.

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