Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm not a multitasker...

I have AIM installed on my laptop because sometimes our daughter uses my computer over the summer. She can use the instant messenger and do other stuff at the same time.... I must say she amazes me with her multitasking abilities. She is able to...

-Watch a movie on her laptop
-Instant message friends
-Talk to people on her cell
-Have a conversation with her mother
-Watch a television show
-Pet the cat

She can do this all at the same time.


I have trouble walking and talking at the same time.

Instant messaging just confuses the heck out of me. Same thing with text messaging. I figure if ya got a cell phone......just call the person up you are texting.....instead of wearing out your fingers. Whatever, I'm just an old coot.

She has definitely inherited some special ability from her mother. All I can say is I married extremely well. My wife is extra smart, has an great sense of humor and she is darn good looking to boot and she probably contributed 80% of all the "good stuff" our 2 children have, including doing more then one thing at a time.

I contributed the 20% that has to do with riding a bike, fishing, belching really loud and generally acting like a goofball....

I never really got into comic books when I was a kid, so as a result...I'm not into movies like Spiderman. From what I understand, this movie has to make close to 750 million bucks before it breaks a profit. Yeah, I know it actually only costs 500 million but I guess the rest is in marketing costs. Whatever, I like movies with car chases and explosions and bus plunges better.

This is an interesting British study concerning TV and young children. I kinda think it misses the point. It's not the TV that makes children into dolts, it's bad parenting. Do those 3 year olds go out to the store and buy their own televisions for their bedrooms?

I love scale models....this is an amazing 1/6 diorama.

Remember the chicken link from last post? Here's another chicken horror story. I work with food all day and I'm ServSafe certified and I've been through all the instructor courses as well...the person who was responsible for that sandwich oughta be fired-no questions asked. Food safety ain't that damn hard, it's mostly common sense, personal hygiene and temperature control.

I never realized that there were 20 Republican candidates running for the nomination. Out of all of them...I'd have to go with Reagan since he's dead and would probably do the least harm if elected. Out of the Democrats......I'd go for Optimus Prime to win the whole shootin' match.

Maybe the next election will be like this. Or not.

I sure hope George doesn't try to give the Queen a neck massage....nah, he just winked at her.

I've been accused of being a Bush basher.......I'm okay with that.

An interesting take on the situation in Iraq. I would add that the hole in the boat was there for the last 1400 years and we were dumb enough to let Bush pull the spike out. I thing we oughta plug the hole up with him.

Here's what I spent my Tuesday morning on.....
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I washed and waxed my wife's car. Looks pretty good for being 7 years old. I think we'll keep it until it's all used up....actually our daughter is going to inherit this car next year, she's gonna need one to get around for school. It's amazing how dirty a car gets from all the winter grime.....it sure cleaned up nice.

Damn, whoever wrote this trojan did a good job. That's why it's important to not open attachments....Oh, no worries about clicking on the link, it's only a link to a YouTube video of the exploit in action.

More fun stuff tomorrow....

Till later.

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