Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm not really an asshole....honest.

Buddy of mine e mailed me about my remarks yesterday about fat people riding lawn tractors.....thing is, he's a big guy and he rides a lawn tractor to cut his yard. He thinks I'm prejudiced when it comes to fat people.

I'm gonna be honest and say I might be somewhat less then sympathetic to folks that are more then 100 pounds overweight .......I'm also not very understanding to smokers.

If you are extremely overweight and aren't concerned about your health or you enjoy smoking....good for you. You probably have family members that think otherwise, so when you light up that next smoke or eat 6 donuts for breakfast.....just keep in mind that someone out there would probably like you to be more healthy so you stick around on Earth for a little longer.

and if you smoke?

There ain't nothing good gonna come outta that, so quit already. Doesn't matter if it takes you 20 tries before it sticks...don't give up because the smokes will kill you or make your life miserable at some point down the road.

On second thought...maybe I am an asshole sometimes....

I was gonna slip in a ride on Monday morning but my knees were killin' me. When I was younger, I used to just ignore the pain and try to ride through it. Not this time, I don't want to spend all summer hobbling around like an old man, so it looks like I am gonna have to ease into some longer rides this summer.

Newspaper circulation continues to fall. It's gonna drop by one more if the guy delivering our paper can't start to hit our front porch real soon.

He loves "running down a ditch full of mud, firing bullets." ...the dude sounds like a real wanker to me. Maybe he's a distant cousin of Bush ...neither one of them seem to have a firm grasp on reality.

Check out this short little movie from 1967. It's how things were supposed to be in 1999. I bet their paperboy was worthless too.

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