Wednesday, January 09, 2008

8 years baby...........

Quit smoking 8 years ago today. Chucked a half pack into the trash and quit cold turkey. One of the toughest things I've ever down.

Nowadays I positively hate the smell of cigarette makes me sick to my stomach to even smell a whiff of second-hand smoke. I'm one of those asshole former smokers so don't even think about lighting a smoke when you're in my personal space, because I will tell you how I feel about second hand smoke.

Not sure what's going on with the weather, but was 70 degrees the past couple of days. Kinda hard to believe it's the middle of January. It's also sorta depressing to think that it will get cold again. I don't mind 30's and 40's....but I get grumpy when it's colder than that.

The diet is going well, I've become accustomed to eating oatmeal for dinner/breakfast .....eliminating the snacks has been the real killer. I still eat ice cream, etc....I just don't eat it in the morning before I go to sleep.

Our daughter made a killer apple pie yesterday......
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It was real hard not to eat any this morning....

I read the news this morning, looks like Mrs. Clinton isn't done yet. Honestly, out of all the candidates that have a reasonable chance to win.....she is one of the ones I wouldn't vote for. I don't really have a concrete reason why, she just seems too much like a politician.

That was close one.

Dude tries a Famous Bowl.....with predictable results. I've never had one....the idea of piling all that stuff together really doesn't appeal to me.

I agree...they need to get second jobs if they can't afford the payments.

till later

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