Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm so good...........

........they named an office paper after me.
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Most folks I ride with call me "Geo"....short for George.

My friend Doug sent me the pic. You should check out his blog (he posts as "bikebreath") I think he does his blog like I do mine....kinda casual and because he like to write and put down some words.

Anyways....check it out and check out his photography, I'm not sayin' this just to blow sunshine up his ass, but he is one helluva of a picture taker.

The primaries have finally started......all I can say is there is no way I'm voting for someone with the last name of "Huckabee" ......President Huckabee? You gotta be kidding me. We need another badass like this guy.

Lots of news articles about the Spears sisters and their adventures......none worth linking to. Instead of wasting your time reading about the latest famous pregnant unmarried 16 year about a hero. Not sure what makes firefighters run into burning buildings....but thank God they do. I am so glad that none of these are my kids.

Speaking of kids, I was at the bank Friday morning.....while I was in line, the mom behind me had her 3 little devil children running all over the bank willy nilly. Mom gets a call on her cell, loudly discusses what she's gonna make for dinner that night, etc.....after a minute or two, one of Satan's children pull a candy dish off the counter and it hits them smack on the forehead. The kid is crying, and I'm laughing.......I am so going to hell in a thermal snowsuit.

till later.

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