Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pat Paulson for President....

I know I'm gonna date myself here, but does anyone remember Laugh-In and the Smothers Brothers? About the times those shows were on, a guy named Pat Paulson ran for President.

Too bad somebody like that isn't around now to give it a shot. I'd vote for Ron Paul, but I kinda doubt he's gonna get the nomination on the Republican side and on the Democratic's a regular smack-down. I know it doesn't matter what I think very much, but Clinton and Edwards just seem so slimey....almost as slimey as this guy.

With a few exceptions...this years run at the primaries is like the Brazil Nut Effect....all the big nuts rise to the top.

We got our first taste of really cold weather the past few days. While I don't mind it that knees are pretty much useless when it's below 20 degrees. A big "thank you" to whoever invented Celebrex or I probably wouldn't be able to walk.

I was coming home from dropping our son off the school and I saw the smoke plume from this fire....kinda freaked me out, from the road I was on- it looked a lot closer to our house than it actually was.

How to be popular. Jeez, all that's standing between me and a comfortable living blogging is a few hundred thousand sweat.

I'd really like a pair of these glasses to wear as a gag, but I don't think I'll be going into the store that has them.

I bet this TV show is like driving by a car accident...morbid curiosity makes you look. I'm not saying I wouldn't watch it, but I have about 20 hours of Discovery and TLC taped I haven't watched yet.

A picture is worth a thousand words...this one might be worth more.

Words escape me.......but it's not words that are escaping.

Will it Blend? is for nancy-boys........Watch it Shred is the real deal.

till later.

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