Friday, January 25, 2008

The old neighborhood........

My friend Bob stopped by work the other night to give me some bad of our other friends mom passed away. Kind of a bummer although from the way it sounded, it wasn't entirely unexpected.

Bob was my best man at our wedding and we got to talking about all the good times and all the hell we used to raise when we were younger versions of ourselves. I grew up in a working class neighborhood where not too many of us went of to college....we all got jobs after high school.....that's the way it was back then.

After we talked for awhile we wished we could of did a do-over on the education part, between us, we have 3 kids attending college right now...........I guess the moral of the story is-you can never have too many smarts.

I think I might get a hard time for this one, but I've been listening to country music and liking it! I've been listening to a little bit of Trace Adkins....kinda like redneck country music if that's a category. I actually like all kinds of music, the only stuff I don't really enjoy is urban rap and hip-hop.

Lets face it, I'm a 48 year old white guy.....that kind of music isn't not really targeted at my demographic.

Guys my age are supposed to be into yard care and getting that mid-life crisis convertible. I don't really care that much about how green the grass is, as long as it doesn't die-I'm happy. As for the convertible......unless the money fairy comes by and shits out 40 grand-I don't see any fancy cars in my immediate future.

I did find one thing I want to buy, our store has an entire display of these. I think it's a hoot to walk by them and push the buttons on all of them the hear the Fox NFL theme. What can I say, it doesn't take much to make me happy.

Been thinking about getting one of those iPod Touches......still not sure yet, I'll probably go to the store and play around with one to see how easy it is to enter contact info and such. The only thing that I don't like about Apple is that they make too much cool stuff I can't afford.

10 dicks. I had a teacher named Dick Bender in high school. His mom and dad musta had a sick sense of humor.

How to be a good parent......or not.

till later

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