Friday, January 18, 2008

Almost ate the windshield...........

I drop our son off at school every morning and as it happens, we cross one of the most dangerous intersections in our county. I've seen countless accidents there, the intersection is poorly designed for the amount of traffic it handles.

On Wednesday, I very nearly became another statistic. A tractor trailer driver pulled across 3 lanes of traffic and blocked all 3 lanes. I just about hit the side of the trailer ...which woulda peeled off the roof of my van and I assume my head as well, the nose of my van was actually under the side of the trailer with the windshield probably a foot away from the side.

It took a couple hours before all the adrenaline wore off and I could go to sleep........

Anyone following the primaries? It's kinda funny when you listen to all the wild-assed stuff the politicians come up with to con you into voting for them. They all do it, say whatever it takes to get elected.

I'd almost vote for this guy if he wasn't so gung ho about keeping troops in Iraq....I think that of all the electable candidates, he pulls the least amount of punches.

It's a free country with freedom of religion and all...........but this dude skeeves me out.. does this guy...and this guy. Truth be told, most of the news out there concerning Presidential politics makes me feel like hiding in a corner.

On a much happier note....
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My wife finished the puzzle I bought her for Christmas. It was a toughie, some of the pieces would actually fit into incorrect places......if it woulda been me-I would of given up-I hate doing puzzles.

If you're not reading're missing out.

Three Philosophies.

When I'm 88 years old.....ballet? Why not? The guy is probably in better shape than I am.

Till later.

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