Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Anybody want the payment book?

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We just bought one of these....it sure is pretty, huh?

We got a pretty good deal on it, it cost about the same as the one we bought back in 2001. Car dealers are desperate to move metal...especially when you walk in 2 days before the end of the year.

It's my wife's 3rd Subaru, the second one is going back to college with our daughter next week. I was probably the one that pushed my lovely wife into buying a new car, I really didn't like having our daughter at school without transportation.

Been to busy to blog much, today is the first day of the "Don't Eat Like An Idiot Before You Go To Bed In The Morning" diet............I had a bowl of my pop's homemade soup for breakfast...yum.

My dad makes the best homemade soup in the solar system.

I think if he wanted to, he could set up a stand at the local farmer's market and make a killing selling his soup.

Yeah, his soup is that good.
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His chicken corn soup pretty much has everything but the kitchen sink thrown in the pot but he somehow ties all the flavors in together and it totally kicks ass.

I'd have a soup IV if it was possible.......

I got the pleasure of working on my 3rd grade teachers computer this week. Mrs Hake was my favorite teacher when I was in elementary school and she hasn't changed a bit....I just love her to bits.

She had a couple of security programs installed that were fighting each other for control of a few settings.....I rejiggered (that's technical computerese) some settings around and removed a few minor malware programs and things seem much better.

As for the new year? Let's hope it's an improvement over 2007.

till later.

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